World of Warships: October 2018 Missions and Rewards

October Missions

Daily Missions:
All missions within a chain must be completed in successive order with Tier V–X ships in Random, Ranked, or Co-op Battles once per day.
On October 4 and 9, instead of a daily bonus, you will receive 1,000 XP for your ship for completing Part 1 of the chain, 1,000 Free XP for completing Part 2 of the chain, and 2,000 Elite Commander XP for completing Part 3 of the chain.
Thus, for logging into the game and completing all "Daily Mission" combat chains during the week from October 1 to October 31 you will get the following:
  • 15 signals of each of India Delta, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, India Yankee, Mike Yankee Soxisix, Juliet Charlie и India Bravo Terrathree, Sierra Mike
  • 28x Hotel Yankee signal flags
  • 14 of each consumable: Damage Control Party II and Catapult Fighter II;
  • 14 "Type 5" camouflage patterns
  • 9,000 Free XP
  • 6,000 Ship XP
  • 12.000 Elite Commander XP
  • 700,000 credits
  • 7,200 Coal
  • 14 of each of the following signals: Sierra Mike, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, November Foxtrot, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, and Zulu Hotel28 Hotel Yankee signals
  • 14 Smoke Generator II and Repair Party II consumables
  • 42 "Type 1" camouflage patterns

Daily Challenge

For those who want more bonuses, we have prepared a Daily Challenge aimed at completing a certain number of daily combat chains per month. As a reward for completing an easy and normal challenge, you will get even more signals. And if you manage to complete 20 chains, you will earn three of each signal flag of each type.
Complete 3 daily chains of combat missions:
Reward: 7 of each of the following signals: Equal Speed Charlie London, India Bravo Terrathree, Zulu, Papa Papa, and Zulu Hotel.
Complete 9 daily chains of combat missions:
Reward: 10 of each of the following signals: Sierra Mike, November Foxtrot, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, and India X-Ray.
Complete 20 daily chains of combat missions:
Reward: 3 of each of the following signals: Wyvern, Red Dragon, Dragon, Ouroboros, Scylla, Basilisk, Hydra, and Leviathan
Missions can be completed only once
To make the process of completing combat mission chains even more interesting, we have hidden several additional bonuses in some chains throughout the month. Complete combat mission chains more often to claim them all!
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