October 16, 2018

World of Warships News: British Arc Royal Navy Destroyer Collection

British Arc Royal Navy Destroyer Collection

A new collection “Royal Navy Destroyers” has been added to the game. It consists of four subcollections explaining the history of destroyers in the 20th century. There will be emblems of famous British destroyers, artillery elements, battle episodes from the beginning of the 20th century and camouflage schemes.

This collection is available from new containers of British Arc which you can earn by completing missions in Directives.


IMPORTANT! Because these changes are still being tested, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the changes are made.
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