October 21, 2018

World of Warships British Destroyer Daring - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. by Admiral-Angus

Daring - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

 By Admiral-Angus on Reddit
Hello! Welcome to part two of my "(Hopefully) Objective Commentary" series. 
Today, i will be covering the Daring, a significantly less controversial ship than the *Stalingrad (*you can see the Stalingrad edition here). However, i wanted to cover this ship because i feel, personally, that it warrants this type of discussion.
This time around, i have had the pleasure of playing the Daring and the Jutland, so let's get started!

The Good:
Daring has the lowest reload of any T10 Destroyer, stock, it's 2.5 seconds. With Reload Mod, it gets down to 2.2, and even lower if you choose to run Basic Firing Training. This far outstrips even the Haragumo, Yueyang, or Gearing. To add to this, the Daring's first gimmick (of many) is that it features Minotaur AP. This means that it can penetrate even very well angled enemies, and deals a lot of damage. Daring can manage up to 3.5k AP salvos on enemy destroyers. To add on to the already impressive guns, the Daring has access to 360 degree turret angles on every single turret. All of them. The stock traverse time is 7.2 seconds for 180 degrees for the turrets. This is good for a destroyer, but not the best. However, keep in mind the 360 degree arcs. The turrets are significantly less impacted by the traverse because they can always take the shortest possible route to their destination. In normal use, any traverse is almost unnoticeable.. The turrets are in the Gearing's layout and style (three double mounts, etc). Their range is 12.8km. Daring's HE is counterbalanced by the guns caliber (more on this later) but it has by far the highest fire chance among T10 DDs, at 9% with flags.

The Daring has access to Hydroacoustic Search, Smoke Generator, and Repair Party, as well as the usual infinite Damage Control Party.
The Hydroacoustic Search is unique, it has a 3 minute (!) duration and a 3km range for both ship and torpedo spotting. There are up to 4 charges with premium consumables and Superintendent. While not the best hydro in the world, it's one of two T10 destroyers to have access to it, and is superbly effective at screening the ship, and the fleet, from torpedoes. (The extra 1km ship hard-spotting is negligible but worth mention).
The Smoke Generator consumable is also unique, it has a mere 40 second duration and 10 seconds dispersion time, however the Daring has access to 7 charges (with premium consumables and Superintendent). Meaning the otherwise pitiful smoke is actually a form of "on-demand" always ready smoke (63 second reload with the enhanced Jack of All Trades featured on Jack Dunkirk) Which is why this is in "The Good" category (keep in mind that the smoke is very selfish, and cannot be used to screen the fleet effectively, if at all).
Finally, we have the heal, or Repair Party. Daring is one of three T10 destroyers to feature this consumable, and has a unique one to boot (I'm starting to see a pattern here). The heal has 3 charges with premium consumables and Superintendent, and heals 291 HP per second with the heal flag. It runs for 10 seconds. Again, not the best heal, but it is merely a cherry on top for the Daring, as it already has standard HP values (20,800, or 24,300 with Survivability Expert). It recharges in 72 seconds with the aforementioned improved Jack of All Trades on Jack Dunkirk.
One last thing, the Daring has a built in propulsion module, similar to the Minotaur. It can only mount the rudder shift module, but this means it effectively benefits from both.

The Bad:
Daring has slightly below average concealment, at 6km. It has the standard two quintuple torpedo tubes and is average size. It is rather prone to eating huge salvos from battleships, so be careful when dodging. It has a standard 630m turning circle and an average rudder shift time.

Daring has rather high arcs, rivalling the Gearing at times.

The AA is bad, since the Daring does not have access to Defensive AA, but since CVs are all but critically endangered at this point, the AA is usually a non issue.

The Ugly:
Oh boy, this is the fun part.
Daring is the slowest T10 destroyer by about a knot, at a pitiful 35.0 knots stock. (36.8 with speed flag). For a destroyer, being slower than several T10 cruisers is rough, it severely impacts the Daring's effectiveness at contesting caps, escaping radar, and hunting enemy destroyers.
Let's circle back to that "escaping radar" part, because Daring has one of the ugliest torpedo armaments out there. With an awful 10km range, 62 knot speed, and 16,767 maximum alpha, 1.3km detection, and 2 minute stock reload time, meaning that you will consistently find yourself within radar range when dropping torps. This is why i do not run the torpedo reload mod, it seems redundant, considering the torpedoes are all but worst in class (Grozovoi has some contenders for the worst in class spot, and Khabarovsk takes the cake for absolute worst in class torpedoes), it seems more prudent to improve the guns.
Speaking of guns, have i mentioned the caliber yet? It's low, 113mm. This means that the HE cannot penetrate the standard 19mm plating on destroyer hulls, nor the standard battleship and cruiser superstructure. *Daring'*s gun caliber is easily it's largest weakness, it means that Daring almost definitely requires IFHE in order to be effective against most targets (the AP can do the job most of the time, but a skilled enemy can negate it through angling). The awful HE is partially improved by the absurd fire chance, but fire damage is 100% healable, easily negatable, and overall low-impact.

Daring is an exceptionally fun destroyer, it mixes high DPM with versatile and unique consumables. My opinion here is that the Daring is too strong, i think the Repair Party was completely unnecessary. That's just me, though! I want to hear from you guys, what are your thoughts on the Daring? As usual, a reminder to keep discussion civil, i want this to be a place for intelligent debate, if you're feeling salty, look at this cat picture instead!

EDIT #1: The Daring has an objectively Good turret traverse, better than everything except the Yueyang and Gearing. Also made changes to description of smoke screen and description of class torpedo values as per his input.
EDIT #2: Correction to description of AP pen angles and HE penetration on cruiser superstructure.
 By Admiral-Angus on Reddit
You may disagree with what Admiral-Angus has written here - in that case, just remember that he is simply some guy who has opinions on the internet, It's his opinion, and that's all, if you have an opinion on this article, feel free to voice it in a debate, use the comment box below.
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