November 02, 2018

World of Warships0.7.11: Changes in the Damage Mechanics, Max Damage Per AP Shell now 10% to DD's + List of Ships affected

0.7.11 Changes in the Damage Mechanics

The testing of changes to the damage mechanics of AP shells continues, allowing the exclusion of rare cases when large caliber shells inflicted excessive damage on destroyers. This happened when a shell hit destroyers’ armor at an acute angle. The thickness of the armor allowed the shell to arm and cause considerable damage inside of the ship's hull.
To avoid such cases, we have introduced a limit on the maximum damage caused by an AP shell to all destroyers, with the exceptions of Khabarovsk and Harugumo. The loss of ships’ HP from an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm and higher will no longer exceed 10% of the maximum possible damage caused by such a shell. Although 10% might seem like a rather small value, hits will still inflict significant damage to destroyers.
This change will also affect the interaction of destroyers with battleships and some heavy cruisers. Ships carrying a calibre of 280 mm and more will have to be more careful when choosing the type of shells to be fired, depending on the game situation. A close-range salvo with AP shells will still cause considerable damage to a destroyer, which will not allow her to "fly in" at an enemy ship and launch her torpedoes without much risk.
Considering the new mechanics, destroyers’ Commanders will be less troubled by the situations when an occasional volley threatens half of their HP, which would bring the ship out of active combat.
Besides that, there are certain changes to the mechanics of causing damage to bulges, secondary battery/AA defence, and fully destroyed parts of a ship. Now, when these areas are hit, the ship will receive guaranteed damage of 10% of the maximum damage that can be caused by such a projectile or torpedo. The new mechanics will reduce the number of cases when, despite receiving the "Penetration" ribbon, no damage to the ship’s HP was inflicted.

The impacted ships include and are not limited to:

  • American tech tree battleships from T5 onward(North Carolina and Montana excluded)
  • American premium battleships: USS Texas, USS Arizona, USS Alabama, USS Massachusetts, USS Missouri
  • American carriers Independence and Lexington
  • American premium carrier Enterprise
  • Japanese Cruisers from T6 onward
  • Japanese battleships from T5 onward( Premium Japanese battleships and Izumo are excluded)
  • Japanese carrier Ryūjō
  • Japanese premium carrier Kaga
  • Russian premium cruiser Makarov
  • Nurnburg and German cruisers from T8 onward
  • German premium cruiser Graf Spee( both the normal and HSF version)
  • German battleship Kaiser
  • German premium carrier Graf Zeppelin
  • British tech tree battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • British premium battleships: HMS Warspite, HMS Hood, and HMS Nelson
  • French tech tree cruisers from T5 onward
  • French premium cruiser De Grasse
  • French tech tree battleships from T6 onward
  • French premium battleships: Dunkerque, Gascogne, Jean Bart, and Bourgogne
  • Italian premium cruiser Duca Degli Abruzzi
  • All Arpeggio ships.
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