October 08, 2018

World of Warships: Royal Navy Stage 4, Rewards inc Premium RN Container October 10–17

Royal Navy Stage 4, Rewards inc Premium RN Container.

October 10th - 17th

The first part of the activities devoted to the glorious U.K. Navy is coming to an end, but don't worry, many exciting tasks and valuable rewards are still to come! Full steam ahead to victory!

Having completed all the Directives of the fourth Stage, you can earn:
4 Guineas.
13 Royal Navy Containers.
3 Union Jack camouflage patterns.
3 signals of each of India Bravo Terrathree, India Delta, Zulu, Sierra Mike, India X-Ray, Papa Papa, Mike Yankee Soxisix, Dragon, Leviathan, Basilisk, Scylla.
1 Royal Navy Premium Container.
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