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This DLC is not compatible with an account created outside of Steam.

Monaghan is a U.S.A. Farragut-class destroyer with long-range 127 mm guns and a high rate of fire.
Her artillery duel capability is her main strong point, but she also has a few cards up her sleeve. She has an alternative hull with a smaller number of main turret guns and an increased number of AA guns, as well as powerful long-range torpedoes. This variant of Monaghan is similar to Japanese destroyers. You can choose the type of gameplay that you prefer.


  • Hull А: Four 127 mm guns with a 12.5 km firing range and 4-second reload time. Eight torpedoes with a 6.3 km range, 11,733 HP of maximum damage, and 87-second reload time.
  • Hull B: Ten torpedoes with a 9.15 km range, 16,633 HP of maximum damage, and 122-second reload time. She also has effective AA guns with a 3.5 km range (without upgrades and commander skills).
  • Torpedo Reload Booster consumable, which isn't typical for U.S.A. destroyers.
  • Increased profitability in credits, as well as +50% to XP provided by the camouflage.

    This bundle also contains

    • commander with 10 skill points;
    • special flag;
    • slot in the Port;
    • 2,500 doubloons;
    • 50 signals of each type — Juliet Whiskey Unaone, Juliet Charlie, Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, India Bravo Terrathree, Zulu, and Zulu Hotel;
    • +200% XP for each of the first 25 battles on this ship.


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