World of Warships: Shipstorm Saturday, Tournament and Prizes Courtesy of Clan [RQL]

Shipstorm Saturday, Tournament and Prizes

The Clan [RQL] will be hosting a fast-paced division sized tournament called “Shipstorm Saturday” next weekend – why not sign up below!?
Date and Time of Tournament:
The tournament takes place October 6th Starting at 4:00 PM CEST, when teams of 3 will face off in Tier 7 and 8 ships on small maps with a maximum battle time of 15 minutes.
This interesting New Ruleset promises short action-packed battles that you can participate in with just two other friends. For questions and further information, simply join the Organizers’ Discord Server.
  • First place: Tier VII premium of choice*
  • Second place: Tier VI premium of choice*
  • Third place: Tier V premium of choice*
  • Participation reward for making it to the knockout stage: 5 x British Arc Standard Container
*Note: Only ships currently available for sale can be chosen.


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