September 20, 2018

World of Warships Halloween 2018, Info and New Submarine Images

“Saving Transylvania” and “A Sunray in the Darkness” operations are becoming available. The balance is pretty much the same as in the previous versions.
Hard mode has been added to “A Sunray in the Darkness” operation. The 'Taint' effect (fog) has been significantly improved.

New operation dedicated to Halloween 2018 has been added to the game. A group of players will enter the world of Darkness to destroy the main enemy – Rasputin. Players will participate in the battle using submarines.

We added 5 submarines: Seelöwe, Killer Whale, Barracuda, Gerfalcon, Kroha.
It's possible to meet on these submarines some old friends in a new design: commanders Dr Frankenship, Mina Ura, Sairus Gerrero, Lazar Kent and Klaus Teslau.
For upcoming Halloween we have added 4 special camouflages for the following ships: North Carolina (Leviathan), Mogami (Octopus), Kiev (Razorworm), Z-23 (Steel Rat). The camouflages repeat the outlines of the enemies from the new operation. Bonuses are standard for the level.
There is a chance to receive two new achievements during the Halloween event:
For the passage of operation Halloween-2018 - "Horror of the Depths";
For completing all three operations of Halloween (2016, 2017 and 2018) for 5 stars - "Warrior of The Light"

There are two new containers during the Halloween event - standard and premium.