September 05, 2018

World of Warships - Carrier (CV) Rework, Feedback Parts 1 and 2 Videos Farazelleth Response

World of Warships - Carrier (CV) Rework, Feedback Part 1/2 Farazelleth Response

Carrier (CV) Rework, Feedback Part 1 & 2 

Farazelleth Response

You have probably seen a ton of posts, articles and feedback videos about World of Warships new video about the Carrier (CV) rework in testing, and what will be a part of the WoWs streamlining of the game at a future date.

Is the CV rework going to encourage new and veteran players to play CV's? I think it will, but WG need to fix all of the flaws first, and not bring the full finished rework out live into the game until tested not only by ST's but also the players themselves, we all  know that the best testers in the game, are the day-to-day players of the game.

Farazelleth is a well-known Super Unicum CV player and among the best WoWs has in the game, he has also gone to great trouble to aid learned players of CV's with his guides and YT videos.

In this YT video Part 1/2, Farazelleth voices his opinion on the rework of CV gameplay,
Part 1 of 2 Initial Response.

Part 2 of 2 in-depth response to the Carrier Rework.

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