August 23, 2018

World of Warships Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. by Admiral-Angus

Stalingrad - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

By Admiral-Angus on Reddit
Let's start this off by stating that I do not consider Stalingrad overpowered, and that i, personally, have not played her. And of course, the obligatory "these are my opinions" disclaimer.

The Good:
Stalingrad features 3x3 305mm guns, with a laser-like velocity of 950m/s. The calibre of these guns' means she can over match the Minotaur's, Neptune's, and Edinburgh's nose and stern. It also means Stalingrad can reliably citadel all broadside cruisers at her impressive max range of 20.4km. On top of this, Stalingrad receives increased AP pen angles, meaning she can penetrate/citadel cruisers at sharper angles than is typical.

Moving off of the guns, Stalingrad boasts 50mm plating and a thick armour belt of 180mm, capable of bouncing battleship shells with ease. This makes her particularly resistant to HE spam, with the notable exception to Hindenburg, as it can penetrate 50mm armour with it's HE. She also has a monstrous HP pool of 72,450.

Stalingrad can mount the standard Soviet T10 radar, which has a large range of 11.7km and a decent duration of 25s. She is also very fast for a cruiser, 35 knots, to be exact.

The Bad:
While the pros may have painted an enticing picture, the Stalingrad isn't without her drawbacks. While on paper her guns have a good sigma - 2.65 - this is counterbalanced by the fact that she does not use the cruiser dispersion ellipse. Stalingrad used the Graf Spee dispersion formula. This means she has dispersion significantly better than battleships, but significantly worse than cruisers. She also has a horrid 20 second reload time on her main battery guns.

While this has been controversial, the final version of Stalingrad features HE. It has a 33% fire chance. This, on paper, seems to be too strong, but consider the abysmal 20 second reload on Stalingrad's objectively terrifying guns. In fact, she has the lowest theoretical DPM of any T10 cruiser and comparable FPM (fires per minute). The reason I put her awful DPM in "The Bad" is because DPM is theoretical, in practice, Stalingrad may have comparable or superior effective DPM compared to other T10 cruisers.

Again following in the footsteps of the Graf Spee, Stalingrad has 45 second long fires by default, as compared to 30 second cruiser fires and 60 second battleship/cv fires. This again counterbalances her apparent resistance to HE spam by making her much easier to burn down than other cruisers.

Stalingrad features unique Defensive AA, it lasts for a whole minute, but doesn't do much to her DPM and has a very long cooldown, 3 minutes with premium consumables. She has the standard infinite Damage Control Party and a conventional Repair Party.

The Ugly:
Unfortunately, I'm not kidding when I say Ugly. Stalingrad has the worst concealment at T10. Literally everything can out spot her when both parties are concealment built, including all the battleships. Beyond this, she has the worst turning circle among conventional T10s (this excludes CVs, since they have the worst turning circles by far, but aren't even comparable to Stalingrad from a play style point of view). Stalingrad has a turning circle of 1,130m. Worse than all the T10 battleships. She also has a rudder shift of 12.5 seconds, which isn't bad, but when paired with her horrid turning circle, Stalingrad can't manoeuvre for her life. She also has an absurdly large citadel, comparable to Moskvas citadel in size.

Further compounding the weakness caused by the horrible manoeuvrability, Stalingrad cannot mount Hydroacoustic Search, making her particularly vulnerable to torpedoes. Don't pretend her radar eliminates the threat, Stalingrad has awful turret traverse and long reload, which means she relies almost entirely on her team to eliminate sudden DD threats. More importantly, most destroyers can launch and land torpedoes outside of 11.7km.

Stalingrad is a balancing conundrum, when compared to battleships, it looks weak, but when compared to cruisers, it tends to look too strong. This has led to a whirlwind of misinformation and twisted words. Not to mention constant hatred for Stalingrad, not helped by one particular CC who seems to perpetuate that hatred. Long story short, it's important to objectively view issues like this, so please don't instantly downvote this post because you disagree with it. I want to conduct a civilized discussion about Stalingrad, not continue the endless cycle of hatred and anger over Stalingrad's balancing process and final product.

EDIT: Correction to description of AP pen angles.

By Admiral-Angus on Reddit

You may disagree with what Admiral-Angus has written here - in that case, just remember that he is simply some guy who has opinions on the internet, It's his opinion, and that's all, if you have an opinion on this article, feel free to voice it in a debate, use the comment box below.

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