August 12, 2018

World of Warships - Sunday Shippost - Ship Happens

Ship Happens.

Capt. Salty McGraw

Captain McGraw is a seasoned veteran of countless battles spanning from the Open Beta Wars to the mysterious Clash of Elements. Years of experience have taught McGraw unconventional tactics unheard of in historical naval warfare. As a result, he strikes some as eccentric, but those unconventional tactics tend to payoff in spades. 
Currently Watching: The Great War
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Ens. Tate R. Smith

As the newest addition to the crew, Smith is still grasping the strange battles they face and the stranger tactics the Captain resorts to in order to triumph. He's yet to become fully conscious of the fact that they all exist in a strange simulation in which "crossing the T" just doesn't work. Despite his bafflement, Smith is an eager learner and seems to be adjusting quickly. 
Currently Watching: The Venture Bros.("I don't just watch anime, okay?")
Currently Listening to: Imagine Dragons - Evolve
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Ship Girl Monaghan #1287

There are many anime Commanders in the reserves of captains across World of Warships. This particular ship girl, however, has something "off" about her. She has a somewhat of a vicious streak and, for some reason, holds a particular grudge against Capt. Salty McGraw. Despite this, she maintains a perky, cheerful demeanor (most of the time). 
Currently Watching: The Staircase
Curently Listening To: The Last Podcast on the Left
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Ship Girl Clemson #2441

Working under the command of Monaghan #1287, Clemson #2441 has learned to take the wrathful streaks of her commander in stride. Clemson tasks herself with keeping crew morale high with a bubbly disposition and pop-laden music choices. 
Currently Watching: Brooklyn 99
Currently Listening to: Taylor Swift - reputation
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