August 02, 2018

World of Warships - Road to Gamescom - Special Missions + Free Goodies!

#WORLDOFWARSHIPS Road to Gamescom - Special Missions + Free Goodies!

The Road to Gamescom

The start of Europe's biggest gaming convention is close at hand, and World of Warships will once again officially be making an appearance at Cologne to showcase all the latest game info and interact with our awesome community in a series of special events that you won't want to miss!
During the 21 days between now and the beginning of gamescom we've got the perfect distraction for all of us who can't wait any longer! Yesterday we held a community livestream in which viewers cleverly managed to decode a cryptic line of Morse code... 
By redeeming this code you will gain access to a special 'Road to Gamescom' mission chain, which will run all month and reward you with signal flags and unique gamescom camouflage . Complete the four missions, and get the 'gamescom 2018' flag  to display proudly on your ships!
The bonus code for the mission will be redeemable until September 3rd
Congratulations! You are participating in this offer!
Click the button above to activate the four-part mission chain. See in-game for more info on the individual missions.

Road to gamescom

Ship Restriction: German Tier V-X ships
Can be completed once per account
Active Until: September 10, 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)


 'gamescom 2018' Flag

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