August 22, 2018

World of Warships Gamescom - Pan-EU Tech-Tree Confirmed by Flamu

Pan-EU Tech Tree

Gamescom - Pan-EU Tech-Tree Confirmed by Flamu

Gamescom, Pan-EU tree was confirmed, The Nations that will have ships in the Tech-Tree are as follows:
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Austria-Hungary
Blyskawica will be moved to the Pan-EU tree.

The Pan European nation is partly a placeholder - when and if WG adds full trees for nations like Poland or Austro-Hungary they will likely get their own nation. For now this is a good solution to add value to the commanders on the ships in the nation (like the Blyskawica)

Wargaming chimed in to clarify on the latest Pan-EU reveal

Other news from Flamu:
New Halloween event teased, WG usually tends to make these pretty sweet so will have to keep an eye out on this one

Next Ranked season confirmed practically only T10. Just what we needed since there's clearly not enough T10 content. Now you have to decide if 2500 dubs and 1000 steel is motivating enough to play the same ships/maps all over again for that rank 1.

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