World of Warships Deals - Spend Doubloons and Get The T-61 Early.

World of Warships T-61 GERMAN Destroyer

Spend Doubloons and get a T-61 Early

  VI T-61's homecoming is finally on the horizon! Get early access to the coveted German Destroyer a full week before the official release on the Premium Shop!
For three days only, depending on the number of Doubloons you spend in-game, you will receive tiered rewards. Spend enough Doubloons and you will get   VI T-61 in your port this Friday 10 August, along with her special flag!
 Important: Click the button below to participate in the event.
The button above is for the EU region, Go to your regional website/news column for your button.

 Doubloons Spent

What You Get:

2,500 - 6,249

2 Type 59 Camos *

1 of each regular signal flag

6,250 - 12,499

5 Type 59 Camos *
5 of each regular signal flag 

12,500 - 24,999

 15 Type 59 Camos *
10 of each regular signal flag  

25,000 +

15 Type 59 Camos *
10 of each regular signal flag ,

  VI T-61


* (-3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +200% experience earned in the battle.)
T-61 credited: Fri. Aug. 10
T-61 sale starts: Fri. Aug. 17

  • Flying Dutchman - Having a low base detectability range, T-61 can be outfitted to roam the battlefield like an unseen ghost.
  • Dutch Courage - Couple her excellent concealment with one of the sturdiest health pools of her tier, and T-61 can confidently take the road less sailed: contesting caps and scouting behind enemy lines.
  • Frenzied Fish - T-61 is decked out with a deadly set of eight fast torpedoes  with a good range, high damage, and a lightning-fast 68 second reload time. Combine this with the signature German Hydroacoustic Search  consumable and enjoy lording over caps.

Ship Tips: T-61

General Play

  • T-61's four 128 mm guns pack a punch thanks to their fast reload rate and deadly German AP shells.
  • Your German Smoke Generator  may not be all that, but taking full advantage of your fast torpedoes, good concealment, and Hydroacoustic Search , clearing out and claiming enemy smoke screens can be a viable option.
  • A competitive main battery combined with devastating torpedoes make for a great all-rounder of a ship.

Build Recommendations

  • Main Armaments Mod. 1 
  • Propulsion Mod. 1 
  • Aiming Systems Mod. 1 
  • Propulsion Mod. 2  

Commander Skills
  • Priority Target 
  • Last Stand 
  • Adrenaline Rush 
  • Torpedo Armament Expertise 
  • Superintendent 
  • Concealment Expert 

Source: WOWS Regional Websites

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