August 06, 2018

World of Warships - Dasha Needs You - Join Her Now and Win Free Prizes

Dasha Needs You - Join Her Now

Offer Runs August 6th - 13th

An emergency announcement from Dasha Perova!
What would you choose: to accept the challenge, or miss a chance?

1st Win:
  • 10 X Eagle Consumable Camouflages.

2nd Win:
  • 3 X Additional Eagle Containers.

3rd Win:
  • 20 X Eagle Tokens.

Please Note: 
  • You will need to click the "Participate".button on this page HERE-EU NA CIS ASIA.
  • You will have to select the Eagles crest on your first login, or when you are given a choice later in the game.
  • You will need to complete special combat missions.

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