August 29, 2018

World of Warships 0.7.9 - Royal Navy Event, New Arsenal and London Port, Resources Sovereigns and Guineas

World of Warships 0.7.9 - Royal Navy Event, New  Arsenal and London Port, Resources Sovereigns and Guineas

Royal Navy Event, Click The Link/Image Below

Clan Base 2.0

We are expanding the Clan Base and changing its appearance. The new version adds four new structures:
  • Coal Port, providing a bonus to Coal received,
  • Steel Port, providing a bonus to Steel received,
  • Design Bureau, with a bonus for Free XP,
  • Academy, with a bonus for Commanders XP.
The other buildings remain the same, but the number of available Expansions for them is increasing. Thus, the Clan Base will become even more useful and bestow you with more bonuses.
You can develop all buildings as part of the new Clan Base from scratch on the live server. Oil exchanged for previously constructed buildings will be returned to your clan's account. The cost of old buildings will not increase with the exception of the Headquarters, meaning that the maximum capacity of the clans will remain unchanged.

Resources in 0.7.9
 A Strange Looking Union Jack Flag Camo

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Update is released.
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August 28, 2018

World of Warships EU - Collect Your 1 Day Free Premium Time Now!!

24 Hours Free Premium Time For EU Players. 

Today you were able to start the new collection dedicated to WoWs 3rd anniversary, however, we've found that the rewards are different to what we originally stated they would be.
We announced initially in previous articles ( that for each sub-collection they will get an "Anniversary" Premium container. 
However, on the live server rewards are:
•    10 World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages for first sub-collection
•    10 Basilisk signals for second
•    10 Scylla signals for third
•    10 Leviathan signals for last
We can’t change the current rewards as it would require an additional update and disruption to the live server – so we have come up with an alternative solution.
Moving forward we will:
•    Fix our article and put the correct rewards.
•    Compensate all players who logged in or will log in to the game today with one day of premium.
As some players might have already bought Premium Anniversary containers to finish their collection, we will compensate them with 1 additional container per 5 purchased containers, limited to maximum amount of 4 extra containers (so up to 20 containers purchased max).. This will apply until the end of day today (24/08/2018) and is going to be credited by the end of Monday (27/08/2018).
We understand that patch notes are a very important part of our game where we publish the most important information. We try to avoid any mistakes in this publication but unfortunately things slip through the net from time to time. 
We are really sorry for the incorrect information regarding the rewards.
You can get your one day of premium on Monday 27th August after 12:00 UTC from the following links: 

The best time to collect this premium time from the link above, is when you intend to spend quite a lot of your day playing. 

World of Warships ST - 0.7.9 Changes to Daring - Jutland - New Year 2017 Camos

World of Warships ST - 0.7.9 Changes

World of Warships ST - 0.7.9 Changes

According to ttaro_ on Reddit the following changes will be made in PTS 0.7.9.

British Destroyers

Main Battery:

114mm guns and their shells on British Destroyers Daring and Jutland.
World of Warships - British Destroyers Tier II to Tier X

British Destroyers

HMS Daring:

  • Detectability in smoke is decreased from 2.47 to 2.45.
World of Warships - British Destroyer Daring Stats/Specs

British Destroyers

HMS Jutland:

  • Detectability in smoke is decreased from 2.4 to 2.39.
World of Warships - British Destroyer Jutland Stats/Specs

British Destroyers

New Year 2017 Camouflages:

  • Dispersion +4% and concealment -3% bonuses are added.
  • Increased value from 5dub to 20dub.
Original article by ttaro_ on Reddit.

Changes to any ships stats will not be made to this blog until verified by WoWs Devs Team. 
IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is still being tested, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Ship is released.
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August 27, 2018

World of Warships - Close Quarters - Jean Bart

World of Warships Devs - jean bart Tier IX French Premium Battleship

Close Quarters - Jean Bart

Welcome to another edition of Close Quarters, where we examine the history behind some of the most iconic warships in recent history.
The subject of today’s article is the formidable French Battleship   IX Jean Bart, which is set to soon sail again in World of Warships.


The year is 1940, and the French army in Europe is quickly losing ground to the German army’s relentless mechanized advance on Paris. By June, the writing was on the wall and the government was forced to begin drafting the terms of France’s surrender. The French fleet at this time was one of the largest and most modern in the world, so if this asset were to fall into German hands, it could turn out to be a massive thorn in the side of the Allied powers. With this consequence in mind, the Commander-in-chief of the French Navy, Admiral François Darlan, made a promise to Winston Churchill; he would not allow his fleet, which he had played a large role in modernizing and building up in previous years, to be captured in the event of surrender.
Darlan’s naval shipbuilding program had mirrored in many ways the approach applied by most military powers in the 1930s, mostly focusing on responding to the warships conceived by Germany and Italy with designs to thwart them, such as the ‘pocket battleships’ or the Vittorio Veneto-class battleships, respectively.

Richelieu. New York. 1943
The Richelieu-class was one such French response. This new battleship would take many of the design features from the older and smaller Dunkerque-class, the most notable of which was the concentration of all main batteries on the bow (inspired by British concepts of the 1920s and 30s like the HMS Nelson). These batteries were configured into two quadruple 380 mm gun turrets, as had become the staple for French battleship designs. Having more guns in less turrets meant less heavy armor was required to protect the guns, which meant less weight and the possibility of greater speed.
Less turrets unfortunately also meant a higher likelihood of all the ship’s artillery being taken out with fewer hits, so the French engineers carefully planned for this. Plenty of space was placed between the two turrets, moving the ship’s superstructure towards the stern as a result and internally compartmentalizing each turret to minimize the spread of damage. The bulk of the secondary armament was placed aft, with three triple 152 mm gun turrets arranged in a delta shape. The achievement of high speed without concessions in armor or armament was precisely the goal and, indeed, with a top speed approaching 32 knots, the Richelieu-class was one of the fastest battleships ever constructed, just behind the Iowa-class.

Fight or flight

Jean Bart - named after the famous 17th century French privateer - was the second Battleship of the Richelieu-class to be constructed. Laid down in late 1936 in Saint-Nazaire; by the time of the French surrender in mid-June 1940 it was barely three-quarters completed, with only one of its two main battery turrets operational. Under these circumstances, Jean Bart, along with its sister ship Richelieu and a large portion of the Marine Nationale, were ordered to leave France and take refuge in the country’s African colonies. As the ships were underway, an armistice was signed under which the French state would be allowed to continue semi-independently as a client state of Germany in the South of France (with its capital in Vichy), as long as it remained neutral in the war.

Though some ships would defect to the Allied-aligned Free French Navy operating chiefly out of Britain, Jean Bart and most French warships would come under the command of the Vichy state and were focused on defending its neutrality in the colonies, far from prying hands. However, both the Germans and British were distrustful of the French and their loyalties; François Darlan, himself an official in the new Vichy government, felt great aversion towards Britain, especially after the Royal Navy attacked his fleet at Mers-el-Kébir in July 1940.
Jean Bart arrived at Casablanca (Morocco) on June 22 and was moored defensively in the harbor. Many of its heavier anti-aircraft guns were demounted and used to fortify the city, and the resources needed to finish its construction weren’t readily available nearby. Nearly a year would pass before navigational instruments and fire control equipment could be shipped to Casablanca for fitting.

Jean Bart at Casablanca. Torpedo nets are visible off its port side.

Operation Torch

Jean Bart, though still not officially even commissioned into the Navy on account of its incomplete state, would engage in the most notable engagement of its career in November 1942. The Allied command, along with Free French Forces, had been planning Operation Torch: an invasion of North Africa. Though American diplomats had been negotiating with French leaders in North Africa, their allegiance hadn’t been secured and their potential response to an Allied occupation was yet unknown.

From: Naval Legends: USS Massachusetts As the invading fleet approached Casablanca in the early morning, coastal defense batteries opened fire on the landing forces and the American escort ships responded in kind. The French defenders counted on a small fleet of nine destroyers, one light cruiser, and eleven submarines moored beside Jean Bart, in addition to the support from three coastal battery positions. The ships and submarines that weren't damaged or destroyed by US Navy artillery fire carried out several sorties from the harbor in an attempt to dissuade the invaders with torpedoes and small caliber gunfire, but to little avail.

Port of Casablanca at the time of the invasion. Jean Bart is visible on the left. 
Jean Bart, still sitting in the harbor, began making itself heard and fired off several shots from its only functioning turret. The guns of USS Massachusetts then turned to challenge the new threat as dive bombers from USS Ranger began making sorties on the ship. The aerial bombs lightly damaged Jean Bart, but Massachusetts managed to score several hits, the first of which exploded inside the inactive turret’s magazine, thankfully devoid of any explosives. A well-placed 406 mm shell then knocked out the rotation of the only functioning turret, silencing it temporarily.

USS Massachusetts firing on French positions. The freshly-fired 406 mm shells can be seen to the left.
The rotating mechanism was quickly repaired, and two days later Jean Bart’s guns awoke once again, continuing to fire on the Allied escort fleet and nearly hitting cruiser USS Augusta. Ensign Richard Belt, aboard Augusta recorded in his memoirs:
"Boom! Boom! The Jean Bart with its 15-inch guns was opening up with two-gun salvos at about 13,000-yard range. The men on topside said the shell splashes of yellow dye were even reaching the foretop 130 feet above water. Naturally we decided to leave the country pronto. Our cheesebox armor plating wasn’t meant to argue with 15-inch shells. [...] We had supposed our only opposition would be [destroyers], 6-inch cruiser guns, and 6-inch shore batteries, none of which we minded at all. But 15-inch slugs aren’t playthings, so we were a bit shaky after that experience. All in all, it was quite a hectic Tuesday morning."
This prompted a severe response from USS Ranger’s dive-bombers, which scored two hits (forward and aft), causing Jean Bart to founder in the shallow harbor. The following day, after the conclusion of intense negotiations, François Darlan, in his role as highest-ranking French officer in North Africa, made a deal with the Allied command to switch sides and join their cause. This effectively ended the battle of Casablanca. Richard Belt noted:
"The next morning the word got about that we would either stand down to bombard Casablanca or else we’d steam in as friends. It all depended on the outcome of the bigwigs’ conference [...]. Then our admiral came back aboard & said we’d go as friends, so at Thursday noon we upped anchor for Casablanca Harbor. [...] Our snazzy appearance made a sharp contrast with what we witnessed going in—dead soldiers & sailors floating in the water; beached, burned, and sunken destroyers & cruisers of the French navy; plus the bombed Jean Bart. And then of course the merchant ships were all about the harbor, either wrecked by gunfire or scuttled by their own hands."

Jean Bart in Casablanca after the battle. The damage from an aerial bomb is clearly visible.

After the war
Jean Bart was then raised from the bottom of the harbor and made seaworthy again to join the fight against the Axis. It was first proposed that it be sent to the United States to be refitted to enable it to play an active role in the war like its sister ship Richelieu, but complications due to the differing specifications between American and French shipbuilding delayed any action.
Jean Bart would remain in Casablanca for the remainder of the war. After returning to France, the French admiralty wasn’t sure what to do with it, or whether it was worth completing at all. It was finally decided to keep it as a battleship, adding an abundant anti-air complement to adapt it to the new post-war aircraft-heavy naval doctrine. Jean Bart was finally commissioned in 1949, the last battleship to enter service into the French Navy, as Aircraft Carriers began overshadowing battleships in the role of capital ships. Throughout the rest of its career until its scrapping in 1970, Jean Bart participated in only one combat mission of note, when in 1956 the French fleet joined Israel and Great Britain in successfully putting pressure on the Egyptian government during the Second Arab-Israeli War.
Bringing Jean Bart Back To Life In World of Warships

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Close Quarters, where we'll be talking about a unique British warship stitched together from halves of two different ships. Can you guess which one it is?

Jean Bart Full Stats and Specs HERE

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August 26, 2018

World of Warships Legends First Official Trailer

World of Warships Legends First Official Trailer

World of Warships Legends First Official Trailer

The first trailer for World of Warships: Legends, the naval warfare console game developed by Wargaming St Petersburg, has been revealed at gamescom 2018. In addition to offering a large collection of historically accurate warships, the game offers a customized experience for the public of consoles.

"Legends has been created with console players in mind and their needs. As we did with World of Tanks: Mercenaries, we have seen how the console and the PC really differ in game styles and preferences, and have adapted the experience with that in mind. Battles are more action-packed and take place between smaller teams, controls are reworked and much more, "said Victor Kislyi, founder and CEO of Wargaming . "This is much more than a port of the PC version, it's a completely new game, from the review of the graphics engine, which makes everything bigger and brighter on the consoles."
World of Warships: Legends presents a variety of different commanders, each with its own style of game and benefits. It is important that players not only level the commanders to make their fleet more effective, but also build a collection of these heroes so they can be used in different ships and styles.
Along with the changes to offer console players a personalized experience, the World of Warships: Legends graphics engine has been significantly redesigned to take full advantage of console hardware and provide stunning visuals for Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.
World of Warships: Legends offers 9v9 naval battles full of action and fast paced. You take command of the most iconic warships in history, all of which are recreated with precise details, and tear apart the largest man-made sea monsters. The game is scheduled to launch in 2019.
Source: Alejandro Dau at TechnoGaming

August 25, 2018

World of Warships Live Stream from Gamescom 2018

August 24, 2018

World of Warships Ranked Battles 10 - Analysis: Meta Predictions and Tier List

By SatanicAxe on Reddit

Ranked Battles 10 - Analysis: Meta Predictions and Tier List 

So, with the new Ranked season coming up, we're going to see a shitload of people ask, "which ship should I play for Ranked?!?!?!" I am going to attempt to give a somewhat general answer. You may disagree with what I write here - in that case, just remember that I am simply some guy who has opinions on the internet. It's my opinion, that's all - I'm not claiming that everything I say here is unalterable fact. Now, without further ado...
General Meta Notes:
I will start off with some notes on what the meta was like last season, and how it might change now.
The T8 section of Ranked last season was dominated by DDs, and I do not expect this to change - the only new T8 ship introduced since last season is Massachusetts, and in a way Baltimore, neither of them really denting the established meta. (EDIT: Durr, brainfart. Cleveland was introduced at T8 as well, obviously. Anyway, Cleveland is strong, but still does nothing to really change the meta.) Strong cap-contesting gunboats will secure caps, kill off enemy destroyers, and spot for their team, quickly snowballing an advantage. The only countermeasure, radar, isn't as powerful here as at T10, as it has a fairly short duration and limited range, and the DPM of many ships is far lower. I expect most matches to contain 2-3 destroyers, 3-4 battleships, and 0-2 cruisers. "Aircraft carrier"? What's that?
The T10 section will be a nightmare for destroyers once again. First, I will note that the T10 meta will change much more compared to last season than the T8 meta, as Worcesters and more importantly Stalingrad's filter in. Henri IV might gain her gun reload booster as early as 0.7.8 as well, so that might affect her standing in the meta.
Stalingrad and Worcester will both likely be significant influences - Stalingrad for essentially bringing an extra battleship to the team, Worcester for being deceptively durable for a light cruiser and a destroyer's worst nightmare. So what T10 will be like is difficult to predict due to these new influences.
Either way, the T10 meta will likely be a shared battleship/cruiser meta. Most DDs will be scared away by the massive radar and DPM threats that are the T10 cruisers, while battleships are eager for easy kills. I'm expecting 2-4 battleships, 2-4 cruisers, and 0-2 destroyers per match. Being a DD in this meta ain't fun.

Tier 8

Destroyers [DD]
Kidd = Akizuki > Lo Yang = Benson > Kagerou = Asashio = HSF Harekaze > Z-23 > Hsienyang > Ognevoi > Kiev
Kidd, Akizuki, and Lo Yang form the Unholy Trinity of destroyer gods at T8. Kidd with her great speed allowing her to flex across the map, her excellent close-range gunpower, her nearly top-tier concealment, her long-lasting smoke, her amazing durability thanks to Repair Party, and lastly her ability to completely give a CV the finger make her the single most versatile and adaptable destroyer in T8 ranked, simply because she has an answer to almost anything that could come her way.
Akizuki is far more specialised, but a lot better than Kidd at what she specialises in. Note, she is slow, so she can't switch flanks or dictate engagements like other destroyers can, and she is sluggish, so she won't dodge a lot of shots. But she is quite beefy (only Kidd is more durable, and only thanks to Repair Party) and her gunpower is nothing short of absurd, especially with the recent buff. If you take IFHE, her 100mm guns can penetrate 32mm of armour, allowing you to do consistent damage to anything you encounter without needing to rely on fire RNG. She isn't as adaptable as some of her peers, but she can utterly shred enemy destroyers, and with her newly-buffed guns, can and will slaughter even cruisers and battleships if allowed to exercise her incredible gun power.
Lo Yang is a ship I'm not a fan of. She's a C-Hull Benson, meaning that she lacks significantly in gun power, and her torps are not too amazing. What makes her shine is her excellent hydro, much better than Z-23's. Being able to catch an enemy destroyer in this "circle of doom", especially early in a match, can confer a huge advantage. However, misuse of her hydro or simply a smart opponent can quickly render her just a weaker Benson.
Benson is quite good in my opinion, and arguably better than
her future self Lo Yang. Simply because she has that extra gun. My opinion is that skilled play can quickly make Lo Yang's major advantage, the hydrosmoke, useless - especially if the opposing team has a smart radar cruiser. So personally, I'd rather have a Benson on my team.
Some people may consider me a madman for not ranking KagerouAsashio, and Harekaze at the bottom. But a skilled player can make good use of their best-in-tier concealment, their powerful torpedoes, and their guns (don't forget that you have guns!) to pull out a win. The fact that many IJN DDs are driven by mouth-breathing chimpanzees with some kind of mental condition does nothing to detract from the fact that these ships are excellent spotters and flankers if played well.
Z-23 and Hsienyang are both a little disappointing. Z-23 lacks in gunpowder and concealment, and her hydro is laughable compared to Lo Yang (BUH MUH NATIONAL GIMMICK!). Her torpedoes are decent, but cannot amaze. Hsienyang is similarly a weaker Lo Yang, with the same anemic 4-gun setup, deepwater torpedoes, and a weak radar in place of hydro (which she needs to give up her smoke for).
Ognevoi and Kiev are trash, plain and simple. Ognevoi is a quintessential "jack of all trades, master of none". In a world of specialists, she is simply inadequate. Kiev has nice gun power, but setting fires to BBs from 13 km isn't going to win you matches.

Cruisers [CA/CL]
Cleveland > Baltimore > Kutuzov > Atago > Chapayev = Edinburgh > Charles Martel > Mogami > Prinz Eugen > Admiral Hipper
Despite making it look like a true ranking, a lot of the T8 cruisers are actually really close together.
Cleveland however easily earns my nomination as the best in her tier. She needs a 14pt captain to start to shine, but once you have CE and IFHE, she shines with her combination of incredible DPM against all targets, deceptive durability for a CL, and her ability to almost stealth-radar. Baltimore is not far behind - she falls behind on the DPM front, but her super-heavy AP is brutal against any hint of a broadside, even battleships, and she is notable for her 27mm plating, giving her the ability to autobounce 380/381mm gunfire, a calibre still fairly common among battleships at her tier.
Kutuzov is tried-and-tested. She might not win you games, but she will save your star. Cleveland has taken her DPM throne, but Kutuzov boasts far better ballistics and an incredible gun range, allowing her to make her damage more consistent - and her smoke means that you can set up essentially wherever you want. However, she lacks team utility. For the few who have her, she may well carry you to Rank 10 simply by saving your star (almost) every game.
Atago is deceptively powerful. She may lack DPM, but her broadside alpha strike with HE is feared for good reason, and her AP is none too shabby, either. Her Repair Party gives her considerable staying power for a cruiser, and her combination of excellent concealment and high speed means that she can pick and choose her fights. But just like Kutuzov, she has no team utility outside of damage. She makes an excellent flanker.
I personally consider Chapayev quite strong, being able to radar-trap destroyers, but other than that, she is essentially a weaker Kutuzov. Radar-trapping is a nice ability, but it lasts too short to seriously exploit it.
Edinburgh is an odd one. Radar Edinburgh is decent, having a radar range almost exactly equal to her concealment range. Combined with the famous short-fuse RN AP, she can be extremely frightening for destroyers, and her superheal can make her deceptively durable, though she is not as trollish as Cleveland in that regard, nor does she have Cleveland's incredible DPM. Torpedoes, though.
I admit I don't know where to place Charles Martel. I have not personally played French cruisers past T6, but the upcoming change with the gun reload booster seems to be seen as a net nerf by most people - higher burst damage, but less overall DPM. Overall, her role is similar to Atago as a flanker, but does not have her excellent concealment. She doesgo a lot faster, though. Vroom vroom.
Mogami is comparable to Atago, and the meme alpha strike from 15 155mm IFHE shells is certainly powerful, but she is far squishier thanks to a lack of Repair Party, leading to her lower placement.
Prinz Eugen and her elder sister Admiral Hipper are still extremely similar despite the changes to differentiate them. Hipper has slightly higher DPM, while Prinz Eugen has slightly more HP and Repair Party. Both are quite weak and provide little utility to the team - not even damage.

Battleships [BB]
North Carolina > Alabama > Amagi > Roma > Massachusetts > Monarch > Kii > Richelieu > Bismarck > Tirpitz > Gascogne
North Carolina stands head and shoulders above all her peers. Her combination of concealment, agility, and sheer main gun power and accuracy combine to make her the single best T8 battleship. Her only downside is that she is the slowest of them all at 27.5 knots - ironic for a "fast" battleship. Alabama sacrifices some gun accuracy and concealment for better turning performance, but is otherwise nearly identical - I would consider her slightly inferior, but still a worthy pick.
Amagi boasts the heaviest broadside of any ship at her tier (and before the introduction of Alsace, heavier than anything before T10). Her gun power and speed are impressive, making her an excellent flanker and kiter, but she is spotted from space and her guns do not have the excellent firing angles or 2.0 sigma that NoCa has. Kii is a significantly-nerfed Amagi - less armour, less accuracy, weaker secondaries, slightly slower, slightly higher reload - only to gain close-range torpedoes and excellent AA, but it's a very, very questionable trade.
Roma mostly earns her spot by virtue of her combination of speed and concealment. Her dispersion can be wonky, but when the guns cooperate, you can very easily snipe cruiser and battleship broadsides from stealth.
Massachusetts is difficult to evaluate. On the one hand, she is a secondary-focused ship, which are notoriously inconsistent and thus unsuitable for competitive play. On the other hand, with a full secondary build (AFT, MFSA, IFHE), her secondaries become deadly accurate and can cut through 27mm plating, allowing her to quickly burn down smaller ships and force enemy battleships into brawls, while she shrugs off most damage thanks to the shortened cooldown of her Repair Party.
Monarch I never liked. Her concealment is nothing short of absurd, but that's where the praise ends. She is not particularly fast, she doesn't have good secondaries, her main guns are neither very powerful nor accurate - I could see her having some niche uses by sneaking up on cruisers and firing AP broadsides at ~10.5km.
Richelieu and Gascogne are speed demons, but that's all they can do. Their secondaries are meme-worthy, but not as good as the German ones or the ones Massachusetts has. Their main guns suffer from the same problem as Monarch. Richelieu earns her higher ranking primarily thanks to her ability to go bow-in and tank quite effectively while keeping all guns firing.
Bismarck and Tirpitz are extremely similar. Both have rather useless main batteries and thus rely on their secondaries, but do not get the amazing accuracy like Massachusetts does, and the higher penetration (in my opinion) fails to make up for this disadvantage, especially in light of their awful main guns.

Aircraft Carriers [CV]
Enterprise > Shoukaku = Graf Zeppelin > Lexington
Before I begin, do note that I am not a carrier main, and most of this section is based on observation and second-hand experience.
Enterprise reigns supreme mostly by virtue of her ability to shut down the other carriers. Not only does she have the largest hangar of the T8 carriers to begin with, she also has half of those reserves dedicated to fighters, pretty much guaranteeing that she will win the fight for air supremacy eventually. A skilled player can nearly completely shut the other carrier out from the game, giving Enterprise free rein to strike and spot as she pleases.
Shoukaku is well-rounded. She is the only T8 carrier who can even hope to contest Enterprise's air superiority, but this will require careful management of her squadrons and good use of strafes due to Enterprise's much greater fighter reserves. Shoukaku however has significantly better strike power.
Graf Zeppelin is all about the strike power. Any fight against her will be a race against time to see if she can delete enough enemy ships before she runs out of planes, as her own fighter coverage is lacking. Ironically, being restricted to T8 actually makes her weaker than in randoms as T8 cruisers aren't as vulnerable to her AP bombs as T10 cruisers.
Lexington has long been infamous as the worst T8 carrier. She has the worst fighter coverage and the worst strike power - even her AP bombs fail to make her unique as 2/3 of her peers also boast those. This is the CV you pray to never see on your team.

 Tier 10

Destroyers [DD]
Z52 = Yueyang > Grozovoi = Gearing > Khabarovsk > Shimakaze
T10 is well-balanced. Boring, but well-balanced, and it shows here. Intra-class balance, at least...
Z-52 is the best cap contester in the game, bar none. With the special mod, she has almost 140 seconds of 5.9km hydro and while her DPM is lacking, the vision control she can exert around caps is exceptionally threatening to any enemy DD.
Yueyang manages to combine the roles of knife-fighter, cap-contester, and strong torpedoboat all in one nasty package. No matter what ship class you are, you do not want to mess with this little guy. Deepwater torpedoes are anathema to cruisers and battleships, while 20RPM from six guns allows her to out-fight any enemy destroyer (barring Khabarovsk) at close range. Perhaps her only failing is that her team utility is weak - her smoke only lasts a short time, or is even completely absent if you take radar, and her radar is somewhat situational.
Grozovoi has become very powerful with her buffs. Thanks to Repair Party, she has the ability to take a huge beating and come back from it, and her amazing gun characteristics allow her to outfight even cruisers at range. She is also exceptionally fast (outsped only by Khabarovsk) and can carry DFAA without giving up Engine Boost. However, her lack of agility makes her questionable at contesting caps and knife-fighting despite her very good concealment.
Gearing is old, but still gold. She suffers from being slow, but her gun DPM is still scary in a knife-fight, and her amazing smoke allows her to support her team much better than her Chinese cousin. Overall however she suffers from being a much larger target than Yueyang, as well as losing out on agility and versatility. If you can't find opportunities to make use of your superior smoke, Yueyang will always outshine her.
Khabarovsk is really kind of outside the system. She doesn't do destroyer things, like capping or spotting. She's more like a very small cruiser. Having only one DD on your team and having it be a Kebab is a significant disadvantage, but properly supported by other DDs, she can be quite strong.
Shimakaze had a concealment buff recently, but it really did little to solve her problems. She will still lose out on cap-contesting and needs to rely on her torpedoes to do anything. And unless she manages to get on a flank without radar, those aren't going to do much...

Cruisers [CA/CL]
Worcester > Des Moines = Salem = Zao = Hindenburg > Moskva > Henri IV > Minotaur
=><= Stalingrad =><=
Worcester is what I personally think will be the strongest cruiser this season. Her combination of excellent DPM, stealth-radar capability, deceptive durability, and consumable utility means that she can adapt to nearly any situation. Heck, she can even kite in open water surprisingly well.
Des Moines is strong when correctly utilised, but I feel that she is brought low by the choice of maps (FUCKING MOUNTAIN RANGE). She does not quite measure up to Worcester's amazing DPM, but she gets close, and anything showing even a hint of a broadside should fear her superheavy AP. Salem is difficult to rate due to being so new, but I would rate her as slightly better than her sister - being much more durable with the superheal may prove more of a boon than radar.
Zao and Hindenburg are both roaming cruisers that provide one utility to the team: damage. Part of the reason they are so high is because of their star-saving capabilities, but most of the time, their job is just to shoot at whatever is spotted from long range. Zao, however, is more of a kiter and sniper, while Hindenburg ultimately wants to go for brawls.
Moskva is in my opinion an inferior radar cruiser. She is incredibly tanky (for a cruiser), but with the worst concealment of basically anything, positioning is a challenge, and in Ranked's non-coordinated environment, her long-range radar is more difficult to take advantage of than in Clan Wars.
Henri IV is getting a buff with her reload booster, but its uses are questionable in my opinion. It does little to impact her role as a roaming cruiser, though it will certainly help out if she gets into a brawl. That said, I believe there are better picks.
Minotaur simply does not fit the meta, especially because Worcester does her job except better. RN buff when, WG?
Stalingrad unrated but if played, has the potential to be exceptionally strong.

Battleships [BB]
Montana = Yamato = République > Conqueror > Großer Kurfürst
Montana still reigns supreme in Clan Wars thanks to her ability to go full DELETE on enemy cruisers, but in Ranked, without a cap on battleships, this advantage diminishes. Still, a broadside from her is nothing to sneeze at, given its weight and accuracy. An excellent jack-of-all-trades, without being a "master of none".
Yamato is already quite decent in Clan Wars, but here she becomes even scarier. With deadly accuracy and a massive per-shell alpha, her main weaknesses are her slow speed and her susceptibility to being flanked and handing out citadel ribbons like ice cream in the Sahara. She does however make an excellent "sniper" when in a central position.
République has grown on me, even though I don't have her yet. Her broadside weight is weak, but her fast reload and ability to overmatch 30mm plating make her an excellent cruiser-killer. She is also very fast with Engine Boost, but is brought low by her vulnerability to cruiser HE.
Conqueror has her largest flaw in the lack of main battery accuracy. If she were more consistent, I would rate her much higher, perhaps even better than Montana. Her HE is deadly to absolutely anything, while the short fuse on her AP utterly bumfucks any cruiser it touches. Meanwhile, her concealment allows her to pick and choose her battles, while her superheal lets her endure far more punishment than she has any right to... but unfortunately, her main guns suffer from awful dispersion, so she's near the bottom end. She is good at saving stars, though.
Großer Kurfürst is overall weaker than Montana in my mind. Far less accurate guns mean she cannot snipe, though her secondaries, HP, armour scheme, and hydro make her an excellent brawler... unfortunately, the T10 meta is full of kiting and island-camping. Not an ideal environment. She has a place in Clan Wars for certain "pushing" comps, but in Ranked, she is left behind.

Aircraft Carriers [CV]
Hakuryuu > Midway
Again, I am not a carrier main, so this is based on observation and secondhand experience.
Both the T10 carriers are extremely powerful, but I would say Hakuryuu wins out, due to her great air control (3 squadrons of fighters) and spotting ability. Midway has significantly better strike power, especially with her AP bombs ("anti-battleship weapon", they said), but a good Hakuryuu player will outplay a good Midway player maybe around 70% of the time.So, with the new Ranked season coming up, we're going to see a shitload of people ask, "which ship should I play for Ranked?!?!?!" I am going to attempt to give a somewhat general answer.
EDIT: farazelleth chimes in here. tl;dr according to him, as nice as air superiority sounds, strike power is better at snowballing games.
You may disagree with what I write here - in that case, just remember that I am simply some guy who has opinions on the internet. It's my opinion, that's all - I'm not claiming that everything I say here is unalterable fact.
By SatanicAxe on Reddit 
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August 23, 2018

World of Warships Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. by Admiral-Angus

Stalingrad - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

By Admiral-Angus on Reddit
Let's start this off by stating that I do not consider Stalingrad overpowered, and that i, personally, have not played her. And of course, the obligatory "these are my opinions" disclaimer.

The Good:
Stalingrad features 3x3 305mm guns, with a laser-like velocity of 950m/s. The calibre of these guns' means she can over match the Minotaur's, Neptune's, and Edinburgh's nose and stern. It also means Stalingrad can reliably citadel all broadside cruisers at her impressive max range of 20.4km. On top of this, Stalingrad receives increased AP pen angles, meaning she can penetrate/citadel cruisers at sharper angles than is typical.

Moving off of the guns, Stalingrad boasts 50mm plating and a thick armour belt of 180mm, capable of bouncing battleship shells with ease. This makes her particularly resistant to HE spam, with the notable exception to Hindenburg, as it can penetrate 50mm armour with it's HE. She also has a monstrous HP pool of 72,450.

Stalingrad can mount the standard Soviet T10 radar, which has a large range of 11.7km and a decent duration of 25s. She is also very fast for a cruiser, 35 knots, to be exact.

The Bad:
While the pros may have painted an enticing picture, the Stalingrad isn't without her drawbacks. While on paper her guns have a good sigma - 2.65 - this is counterbalanced by the fact that she does not use the cruiser dispersion ellipse. Stalingrad used the Graf Spee dispersion formula. This means she has dispersion significantly better than battleships, but significantly worse than cruisers. She also has a horrid 20 second reload time on her main battery guns.

While this has been controversial, the final version of Stalingrad features HE. It has a 33% fire chance. This, on paper, seems to be too strong, but consider the abysmal 20 second reload on Stalingrad's objectively terrifying guns. In fact, she has the lowest theoretical DPM of any T10 cruiser and comparable FPM (fires per minute). The reason I put her awful DPM in "The Bad" is because DPM is theoretical, in practice, Stalingrad may have comparable or superior effective DPM compared to other T10 cruisers.

Again following in the footsteps of the Graf Spee, Stalingrad has 45 second long fires by default, as compared to 30 second cruiser fires and 60 second battleship/cv fires. This again counterbalances her apparent resistance to HE spam by making her much easier to burn down than other cruisers.

Stalingrad features unique Defensive AA, it lasts for a whole minute, but doesn't do much to her DPM and has a very long cooldown, 3 minutes with premium consumables. She has the standard infinite Damage Control Party and a conventional Repair Party.

The Ugly:
Unfortunately, I'm not kidding when I say Ugly. Stalingrad has the worst concealment at T10. Literally everything can out spot her when both parties are concealment built, including all the battleships. Beyond this, she has the worst turning circle among conventional T10s (this excludes CVs, since they have the worst turning circles by far, but aren't even comparable to Stalingrad from a play style point of view). Stalingrad has a turning circle of 1,130m. Worse than all the T10 battleships. She also has a rudder shift of 12.5 seconds, which isn't bad, but when paired with her horrid turning circle, Stalingrad can't manoeuvre for her life. She also has an absurdly large citadel, comparable to Moskvas citadel in size.

Further compounding the weakness caused by the horrible manoeuvrability, Stalingrad cannot mount Hydroacoustic Search, making her particularly vulnerable to torpedoes. Don't pretend her radar eliminates the threat, Stalingrad has awful turret traverse and long reload, which means she relies almost entirely on her team to eliminate sudden DD threats. More importantly, most destroyers can launch and land torpedoes outside of 11.7km.

Stalingrad is a balancing conundrum, when compared to battleships, it looks weak, but when compared to cruisers, it tends to look too strong. This has led to a whirlwind of misinformation and twisted words. Not to mention constant hatred for Stalingrad, not helped by one particular CC who seems to perpetuate that hatred. Long story short, it's important to objectively view issues like this, so please don't instantly downvote this post because you disagree with it. I want to conduct a civilized discussion about Stalingrad, not continue the endless cycle of hatred and anger over Stalingrad's balancing process and final product.

EDIT: Correction to description of AP pen angles.

By Admiral-Angus on Reddit

You may disagree with what Admiral-Angus has written here - in that case, just remember that he is simply some guy who has opinions on the internet, It's his opinion, and that's all, if you have an opinion on this article, feel free to voice it in a debate, use the comment box below.

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August 22, 2018

World of Warships Gamescom - Pan-EU Tech-Tree Confirmed by Flamu

Pan-EU Tech Tree

Gamescom - Pan-EU Tech-Tree Confirmed by Flamu

Gamescom, Pan-EU tree was confirmed, The Nations that will have ships in the Tech-Tree are as follows:
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Austria-Hungary
Blyskawica will be moved to the Pan-EU tree.

The Pan European nation is partly a placeholder - when and if WG adds full trees for nations like Poland or Austro-Hungary they will likely get their own nation. For now this is a good solution to add value to the commanders on the ships in the nation (like the Blyskawica)

Wargaming chimed in to clarify on the latest Pan-EU reveal

Other news from Flamu:
New Halloween event teased, WG usually tends to make these pretty sweet so will have to keep an eye out on this one

Next Ranked season confirmed practically only T10. Just what we needed since there's clearly not enough T10 content. Now you have to decide if 2500 dubs and 1000 steel is motivating enough to play the same ships/maps all over again for that rank 1.

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