July 16, 2018

WoWs Summer Sales - 50% Discount on British Tier VI Battleship Warspite




Today only (16/July/2018): Battleship Warspite with a 50% discount!
Historically and in the game, Warspite has been celebrated as a battlefield bruiser. This ship perfectly combines impressive firepower with excellent survivability. Warspite is a true survivor that can withstand any hardships of a battle at sea.
  • Powerful 381 mm guns.
  • Excellent armor up to 330 mm thick.
  • Enhanced "Repair Party" consumable. When activated, this consumable on board Warspite heals more HP per charge than normal same-tier battleships.
  • Impressive handling for a battleship.
  • Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage.
If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 3,250 Doubloons as compensation.
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See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Warspite.

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