July 19, 2018

WoWs Summer Sales - 50% Discount Japanese Tier VII Premium Battleship Ashitaka


Tier VII Japanese Premium Battleship Ashitaka

Today Only: 19/July/2018
Ashitaka is a classic Japanese-branch battleship armed with numerous, rather powerful 410 mm guns. Due to her long firing range, she feels quite comfortable in long- and medium-range duels against enemy cruisers and battleships. When it comes to close-range encounters, her powerful 140 mm secondary guns pose a real threat to the enemy's light ships.

Ten powerful 410 mm guns.
Decent speed for a Tier VII battleship—30 knots.
Effective 140 mm secondary battery.
Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage.
If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 9200 4600 Doubloons as compensation.

WoWs Devs Blog Balance Changes for Update 7.7.0
Japanese Battleship Ashitaka:
AP shells was replaced with a shell with the following characteristics:
  • Initial speed: 806 m / s instead of 790 m / s;
  • Damage: 12 600 instead of 12 400.
Thus, the battleship can better combine high speed and effective armament. The ship will have a volley from the battleship Amagi, whilst staying inferior to it in armour.

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