July 26, 2018

World of Warships ST - Clan Battles Cross Realm Matchmaking

World of Warships ST - Clan Battles

ST. Cross Realm Matchmaking for Clan Battles.

The work on an option that will allow you to play clan battles in the Prime time of any server continues. The officers of the clan will be able to choose one Prime time for CB, that is the most comfortable for its Clan members. The choice of Prime time will be available every day during the clan battles season.

This week we are ready to begin the first closed round of testing for cross realm matchmaking. The main tasks facing the participants of the closed testing are to check the correctness of the cross-server balancer and the usability of the interface.

Source WoWs Devs Blog

Stats are subject to change during the test. Please note that stats provided are never final until published as so, on World of Warships Regional Websites.

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