World of Warships Premium Shop - American Trio - Alabama, Atlanta, Kidd

Premium Shop - American Trio - Alabama, Atlanta, Kidd

Shock squadron ships of the American fleet in one set. Replenish your collection and strengthen the stock of economic signals!

Destroyer Kidd:
The master of maneuverable artillery fights with "classmates" and struggle for points. Against the background of the closest competitors can boast an impressive set of equipment, which provides him with a large selection of combat tactics. Detailed TTX ship available from this link .

The Atlanta Cruiser:
Is a dangerous weapon in the hands of fans of artillery fights at close and medium distances. The very fast and numerous universal artillery of the cruiser is capable not only to terrify enemy cruisers and destroyers, but also to confidently exterminate the enemy's air groups. Detailed TTX ship available from this link .

Battleship Alabama:
A combination of accurate and effective artillery with good battleship maneuverability. Discover new tactical moves and gameplay styles! Detailed TTX ship available from this link .

Signal properties:
Equal Speed ​​Charlie London: + 50% of the experience for the fight;
India Bravo Terrathree: -10% of the cost of service after the battle;
Zulu: + 20% of loans for the fight;
Papa Papa: + 300% to free experience for the fight;
Zulu Hotel: + 50% to the commander's experience for the fight.

Prices are Around £87.82 GBP  -  *99.92 Euro (*Brexit KB)  -  $127 USD  - Asia £96.10

In Your Regional Shops Soon

Source: WoWs EU Premium Shop.


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