July 22, 2018

World of Warships - Atago 30% Discount Japanese Tier VIII Premium Cruiser


Tier VIII Japanese Premium Cruiser Atago

Today Only: 22/July/2018
Atago, one of the old-timers in World of Warships, offers a pure Japanese gameplay experience! It's a universal soldier that excels at medium to close-range clashes. Numerous main guns allow you to hold your own in encounters with same-tier cruisers and destroyers while powerful torpedoes, with a 10 km range, turn Atago into a tough opponent even for battleships.
  • Ten 203 mm guns with good alpha strike potential and nice ballistics.
  • Two quad torpedo launchers per side with good aiming angles. Her torpedoes can deliver a maximum 17,233 HP of damage at 62 knots and a distance of 10 km.
  • Excellent top speed of 35.5 knots and handling that is not typical of the majority of heavy cruisers.
  • Access to the Repair Party consumable, which is unavailable for most Tier VIII cruisers.
  • Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage.
If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 10700 7490 Doubloons as compensation.

Stats are subject to change during the test. Please note that stats provided are never final until published as so, on World of Warships Regional Websites.

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