July 18, 2018

World of Warships Asia - Massachusetts, 100,000 FXP 8m Credits, 5 x Supercontainers All Free

Check Your Asia Account Userbonus Now

Anyone have an abandoned "ASIA" account, not played on it for months?

I received the items in the image above after getting an email telling me to check my userbonus page on my Asia account.

  • 7 days free Rental of massachusetts.
  • 30% Off Coupon.
  • 100K Free XP.
  • 8 Million Credits.
  • Big Bunch of Stars n' Stripes camos.

Check your ASIA Userbonus now, Click on the button below.

You may have a nice surprise. 
Also in the 5 X SC's I received 
  • 50k FXP.
  • 1500 Steel.
  • 15K Coal.
  • 50 Hunter Camos.
  • 100 Signals.

My Asia Account - It was very poor, but now I have an incentive to grind and buy new ships.

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