June 05, 2018

World of Warships Update 0.7.6 - Zao and Gearing Balance Changes

World of Warships - Update 0.7.6 (DEVS) Balance Changes

Update 0.7.6 Zao and Gearing Balance Changes

 Zao Changes:

Added an alternative researchable Type93 mod.3 torpedo modules with the following characteristics:
  • 4x5 Type 93 mod. 3
  • Speed 67 kts
  • Max. damage: 23767
  • Range: 12 km
  • Velocity: 67 kts
  • Reload time: 171 s
  • Detectability from ships: 1.7 km
The new module will be added to the ship's Tech Tree. To use this module, you first need to research and purchase it.
Type F3 torpedoes of cruiser Zao now reload much faster—104 seconds instead of 141.
This change should maintain the identity of the branch post-update, and balance the damage caused by Zao's torpedoes in comparison with cruisers of a lower tier. The changes will also slightly increase the effectiveness of the ship in Clan Battles and bring her more up-to-date.
The availability of long-range torpedoes will enable the cruiser to use torpedo armament more efficiently both when bearing down on an enemy or retreating and during a medium-range firefight involving active maneuvering. Also, it allows you to take advantage of the difference between the torpedo range and the cruiser's detectability.

Gearing Changes:

stock Mk16 mod.1 torpedo tubes (similar to the ones mounted on destroyer Fletcher) with the following characteristics:
  • 2x5 Mk16 mod. 1
  • Speed 66 kts
  • Max. damage: 19,033
  • Range: 10.5 km
  • Velocity: 66 kts
  • Reload time: 106 s
  • Detectability from ships: 1.4 km
If you have this destroyer, the new module will be automatically researched, but not purchased.
The addition of the torpedo tubes from her predecessor will offer the owner of destroyer Gearing the choice between long-range torpedoes with a higher speed due to the Torpedo Acceleration skill and medium-range torpedoes with quick reloading and increased damage both per salvo and per time unit.

New Ship EXP Cost:
  • Dallas (American Tier VI Light Cruiser) - 43000 Exp
  • Helena (American Tier VII Light Cruiser) - 75000 Exp
  • Seattle (American Tier IX Light Cruiser) - 169000 Exp
  • Worcester (American Tier X Light Cruiser) - 242000 Exp

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