World of Warships Premium Shop - 15 New Ships Added

World of Warships Premium Shop

15 New Ships Added to the Premium Shop

New Ships added to the Premium Shop
Half of the month has passed. This week, the second squadron of the Premium fleet including 15 ships has arrived.
Thus, 31 ships are available in the Premium Shop, and we are not planning to remove them from the shelves.

Destroyer [DD]
Cruiser [CA/CL]
Battleship [BB]
  II Smith
  III Vampire
  III Campbeltown
  V Okhotnik
  VI Gallant
  VI Anshan
  VIII Kidd
  II Diana
  II Albany
  II Emden
  III Aurora
  III Katori
  III Oleg
  V Marblehead
  V Murmansk
  V Krasny Krym
  VI Huanghe
  VII Atlanta
  VII Indianapolis
  VIII Prinz Eugen
  II Mikasa
  III König Albert
  IV Ishizuchi
  V Texas
  V Giulio Cesare
  VI Arizona
  VI Mutsu
  VI Warspite
  VII Scharnhorst
  VII Duke of York
  VII Ashitaka

Note: Dasha stated in this Video,  Premium Ships will become less available for sale using doubloons


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