World of Warships Devs - New Camouflages, Patches and Achievements

ST. New Patches.

Special patches are added for the event GO NAVY! and each team of the competition.

ST. New Achievements - Go Navy!

A special achievements are added for the Operation:
"Cat among the pigeons"

Destroy all of the 5 support ships in the base.
Can be achieved in operation "Killer Whale" and in the updated operation "Narai"

Secret achievement
Try to find the secret achievement by yourself!

Changed condition for achievement "Major Contribution":

Cause more than 35% instead 50% of the damage dealt by your team and successfully complete the operation.

Devs - New Camouflages

For american cruisers Dallas, Helena, Cleveland, Seattle and Worcester;

For american cruiser Worcester (camouflages for each team - Sharks and Eagles);

For american cruisers Des Moines and Salem;
Now with the help of a special option to hide or display, players can hide special american camos. Players can find the menu with this option above the ship carousel.
Bonuses for each camouflage are standard and depend on tier of the ship.

All content are subject to change during the test. Please note that content provided is never final until published as so, on World of Warships Regional Websites.

Source: WOWS Devs Facebook


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