June 05, 2018

World of Warships (DEVS) - Nerf for Pan-Asian Destroyers

world of warships

ST. Pan-Asian Destroyers Nerf.

Smoke Generator consumable's cooldown is increased for all the researchable Pan-Asian destroyers.

  • Standard equipment cooldown - 150 s (up from 120 s).
  • Premium equipment cooldown - 100 s (up from 80 s).

Currently destroyers show higher efficiency against cruisers, thanks to the deep water torpedoes, at the same time unique smokescreens allow them to easily fight for the cap areas with enemy destroyers.
Cooldown increase will take away the opportunity to completely cover the ships in smoke and make them a little less multi-purpose.

Other Developments:

ST. Destroyer Plating Changes.

We're continuing to work on situations, when battleships cause too much damage with AP shells to destroyers. This happens when destroyers are at an angle and the shells arm inside the hulls.

One of solutions that will be tested in a closed environment is decrease of destroyer plating from 19 to 13 mm. This will only apply to tier X ships on the test, but might later spread to tier VI, VII, VIII and IX ships. Other specific protection traits, like Khabarovsk increased armour, will remain. The plating change will make it impossible for AP shells of 380 mm and higher calibre to arm above the surface, which will lead to decrease in overall damage from AP shells to destroyers. Possibility of dealing damage with such shells if they arm in the water still remains, but it is pretty low to begin with.

Value of heavy cruisers in battle will increase, since 203 mm AP shells will stop ricocheting off of destroyers' plating. This will also affect Akizuki 100 mm main batteries and battleship secondaries - their HE shells will start to penetrate the plating and deal damage to destroyers.

This way the amount of damage received by destroyers should remain the same on average, but the bulk of it will come from cruisers and battleships secondaries.

Everything stated could be subject to change. The final changes will be published on the Wargaming website.