June 07, 2018

World of Warships - Clan battles Season 3

Clan Battles. Season 3

During the Public Test, Clan Battles will be fought in the lighter 3x3 format; rented Tier X ships will not be available. The conditions for progressing through Leagues will be noticeably simplified, too, compared to those on the live server.
The new season called "Sleeping Giant" will be based on the same rules you already know very well:
  • Battles are played with Tier X ships;
  • Battles are played in the 7v7 format; no more than one battleship per team, no carriers;
  • There are five Leagues for you to climb through to get to the top: Squall League, Gale League, Storm League, Typhoon League, and Hurricane League;
  • Rewards may differ slightly from those issued during the previous seasons.
Apart from the standard rules, you get matchmaking improvements, updated maps, and the opportunity to assemble a second squad:
  • In the upcoming season, matchmaking will take a bit longer than during the previous season but now clans will be thrown into battles against other clans from adjacent positions in the Rating;
  • Now, when creating a division, the commander will be able to choose which squad—"Alpha" or "Bravo"— his division will play for. The highest rating will be treated as the Clan's main rating;
  • The following six maps will serve as battlegrounds for the "Sleeping Giant" season: Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, Tears of the Desert, and, of course, Sleeping Giant;
  • Especially for the new season of Clan Battles, we have reworked the landscape on the following three maps: Hotspot, Mountain Range, and Sleeping Giant. These changes are intended to provide for a better balance between opposing teams and will greatly affect the competitive modes of the game with a very tiny effect on Random Battles.