World of Warships - 0.7.6 Welcomes 4 New American Light Cruisers and Stats

World of Warships - 0.7.6

0.7.6 Welcomes 4 New American Light Cruisers

Dallas, Tier VI

The first ship of the light cruisers branch has good AA defenses, she's quite evasive, but, just like the subsequent light "Americans", relatively fragile. Her main targets in battle are destroyers and the decks of other ships.
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Helena, Tier VII

The ship's main battery guns are similar to those of her predecessor, with the only difference being that she has 15 instead of 10. The ship's HP and AA defense firepower have increased. However, there are slight reductions in her maneuverability and concealment. The ship retains the tactics of Dallas, but with consideration of her higher Tier.
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Seattle, Tier IX

This ship is similar to her predecessor in her Main Battery configuration and characteristics: Twelve 152 mm guns. But the main increase in this cruiser's effectiveness is found in her improved HP and AA defense. However, she has no secondary battery. Her maneuverability and concealment also decreased a bit, but in return Seattle gets 5 types of consumables available simultaneously. You will have Hydroacoustics, Surveillance Radar, and Defensive AA Fire at your fingertips. Besides this, there will be Repair Party to keep you in the fight for longer.
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Worcester, Tier X

The branch of light Americans is crowned by the game’s embodiment of the 207 meter cruiser built in 1948. She will become a splendid hunter for destroyers and a great support thanks to her excellent turret traverse speed, quick reloading of her main battery guns, top-notch AA defenses, and high maneuverability. With the proper skill, this cruiser's average damage can be quite impressive. At the same time, her plating thickness is only 25 mm, so beware of enemy battleships. Five simultaneously available types of consumables make this cruiser ready for anything that comes her way.
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Stats are subject to change during the test. Please note that stats provided are never final until published as so, on World of Warships Regional Websites.


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