May 29, 2018

WOWS Devs - ST. NEW Night Time Scenario Cherry Blossom

ST. NEW Night Time Scenario Cherry Blossom

The new Operation is inspired by the true events of a battle that occurred in the Empress Augusta Bay. The battle will unfold near the shores of Bougainville Island in Oceania.
If you want to see the first rays of the rising sun again, you'll have to give it everything you’ve got in this encounter. Square off against Japanese forces, fighting under the cloak of night, to repel their attack and provide cover for allied landings.
During the night battle, ships will be much harder to detect. The incoming enemy forces are well-prepared, and will rely on the use of illumination shells and bombs. If you find yourself within an area illuminated by such a shell, your ship will be easier to detect while the enemy will continue to effectively hide away under the cover of darkness.

But every night must end. At the break of dawn, allied aircraft carriers will emerge on the horizon to help you fight off the enemy's air strike and bring your continued offensive against the Japanese fleet to a successful completion. Destroy the enemy aerodromes, detect the retreating enemy cruisers, and don't let them escape from the bay!
To participate in the Operation, you'll need U.S., U.K., French, or Soviet cruisers of Tier VIII.
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