May 17, 2018

WOWS Development - Midway and Hakuryu Balancing Results

Midway and Hakuryu
Midway and Hakuryu Balancing Results
  • Tier X carriers have undergone changes in the 0.7.4 update. This was prefaced by statistical dip displayed by Hakuryu on 3 out of 4 regional servers. The Japanese carrier was losing to her counterpart both in the air and by surface ship damage averages. Win-Rate was also dragging behind for Hakuryu and that drag was around 6%.
  • After limiting Midway's hangar and redistributing the planes on her rival, we did see an equilibrium in the win percentages. Moreover, with the new flight control Hakuryu is able to show good performance in the air combat and doesn't get lost when the battles are longer.
  • The changes were caused by a tangible discrepancy in the ships' statistics and we think that in their current state these carriers are much better matched.
Source: WOWS Devs Blog