May 09, 2018

World of Warships Update 7.4.1 on 10-May New Ships for Doubloon Purchase


Detection Fix
Fixed an issue which caused a warship that has just been detected but which instantly disappeared from sight (e.g., a destroyer that quickly shows up from behind an island to disappear in the smoke screen seconds later) to be displayed in the Minimap with a transparent red icon ("spotted by an ally") instead of the white one designating the ship's last known position.

Anti Abuse Update. More HERE
As part of our efforts to eliminate cases of the AFK/Inactive status being erroneously assigned to players in Tier IX and X battles, we reduced the required minimum distance: (in game kilometers) to be covered in battle by 2 times.

Jack Dunkirk Fixed.
Fixed an issue which caused Jack Dunkirk's enhanced skill "Smoke Screen Expert" to be displayed on the skill panel without the distinctive sign normally added to enhanced Commander skills.

6 New Commanders. Unique Skills HERE
The following six Commanders with enhanced skills were added to the game: George Doe, Vasiliy Znamensky, Bert Dunkirk, Charles-Henri Honoré, Helmut von Jutland, Albrecht von Jutland

Ship for Doubloon Purchase. Ship Doubloon Prices HERE
The following ships are now available for purchase with Doubloons right in the Tech Tree of their relevant nation:

  • Scharnhorst.
  • Atlanta.
  • Ishizuchi. 
  • Mutsu.
  • Okhotnik. 
  • Dunkerque.

Japanese cruiser Yūbari has been removed from the Tech Tree.