May 01, 2018

World of Warships 0.7.5 The William Halsey Collection and Campaign

 The William Halsey Collection 
William Halsey Collection-final.jpg

World of Warships will bring a brand new collection for American Cruisers. The collection comprises 48 elements, among which there are stylized images of cruisers, historically significant American naval weaponry, US naval decorations and distinctive signs of US navy staff. Completing the subcollections will allow players to change the colour of standard camos for American ships and mount second flags on them.

ST. New commander.

William Halsey is added to the game as a unique commander. He has both talents and improved skills.

Expert Loader Skill
  • -75% (up from -50%) to reload time when shell type is switched

Expert Marksman Skill
  • +3 (up from +2.5) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre up to 139 mm
  • +1 (up from +0.7) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre above 139 mm

Hit Hard! Talent:
After receiving the Confederate achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets following bonuses:
  • -20% off the main battery reload time
  • -20% off plane service time
  • -10% off torpedo reload time

Hit Fast! Talent:
  • After receiving the Double Strike achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets -10% to base detection radius, which can accumulate if a player receives the achievement multiple times during a battle.
captain skills image
William Halsey Unique Skills

The ship that William Halsey is assigned to will have a unique pennant and coloured tracers for the main battery shells. Upon receiving achievements that activate the talents, fireworks will be launched from the ship.

Localization is underway.

Some quick maffs.
Montana can easily get under 19s reload, even 18s with AR + MBM3 + Halsey Confed buff. Just dropping to 25% health and earning confed is enough to push reload to 18.2s. That is some flamuWUT shit.