May 04, 2018

World of Warships - ST 5 New Unique Commanders With Special Skills Added to the Game

von Jutland
ST. Unique commanders.

German unique commanders Franz von Jütland and Reinhard von Jütland are added to the game. They will have the following improved skills:


Unique Skills:

  1. Vigilance: +35% to acquisition range of torpedoes (instead of 25%)
  2. Jack of All Trades: -10% to reload time of all mounted consumables (instead of -5%)
"Brothers" of several other unique commanders are also added to the game. They will have the same improved skills as their "siblings". Their names are:
  • Vasily Znamensky. 
  • Bert Dunkirk.
  • Charles-Henri Honoré.
  • George Doe.
  • Helmut von Jutland.
  • Albrecht von Jutland.
Update: one more unique commander sharing his last name with an existing one is going to be George Doe.

Source WOWS Devs FB Page