May 16, 2018

WOWS Development - 4 New Game Modes

world of warships capture the flag

Several prototypes of new Game modes will be tested by ST's, no names were given yet and no information.
More information will be given in due course, when these game modes are final, or ever entering the game,

Game Mode 1:
Special control areas spawn across the map, once they are capped, they produce particular effects, if there are the same number of ships from the different teams in the area, they’re not activated until the number becomes uneven.

Possible control area effects:
  • Bonus points for the capping team and the same amount of points lost for the rivals
  • Repair of allied ships in an area
  • Damage to enemy ships in an area
Game Mode 2:
From the beginning of the battle, a zone that becomes progressively smaller spawns on the map, inside this zone, ships are constantly repaired, outside of the zone ships are constantly damaged.
By the end of the battle, the radius of repair zone is no more than 3 kilometres.

Game Mode 3:
Each team has a fort.
Players need to cap the areas, containing that spawn ships equipped with explosives, those ships move towards the enemy forts where they are supposed to detonate, these ships have a countdown timer, and they can only continue moving when there is an allied ship next to them, once the ship explodes it damages every ship and fort caught within the blast radius. Amount of damage depends on the distance to the target.
Direct damage to the enemy fort does decrease the number of points for the rival team, but is less advantageous.

Game Mode 4:
This mode is close to Domination, but the control areas activate only after several minutes have passed.