April 11, 2018

World of Warships - PTS 0.7.4 - Game Balance Changes


ROUND 1 OF PUBLIC TEST ENDS Mon. Apr. 16 16:00 CET (UTC+1) 

Game Balance Changes:

  • Shimakaze.
As the game progresses and new ships are introduced, the ship must adapt and continue to be capable of completing her main battle tasks.
In the Update 0.7.4 we enhance the battle performance of this destroyer and reduced her standard detectability range by sea to 7.11 km (5.59 km with all possible modifiers applied), which lets her spot most of her adversaries while staying undetected.

  • Admiral Hipper.
For hulls B and C, the standard rudder shift time was reduced to 9.2 seconds (used to be 10.7), the main battery loading time was reduced to 11.5 seconds (used to be 13)

  • Prinz Eugen.
The ‘Repair Party’ consumable was added.

  • Midway.
The hangar space was reduced, making the ship's air group count 96 instead of 136. This carrier used to be on a par with her main adversary,   X Hakuryu, in short battles, but due to a larger stock of aeroplanes, she demonstrated superiority in protracted battles. The setup of squadrons on the deck will remain the same:
  • 2 squadrons each 6 fighters strong.
  • 2 squadrons each 6 torpedo bombers strong.
  • 2 squadrons each 6 dive bombers strong.
Now, the carrier’s hangar will accommodate 18 fighters, 21 torpedo bombers, and 21 dive bombers.

  • Orion.
Main battery salvo density was decreased (sigma parameter 1.6 instead of 1.8). Orion often appeared to be a very dangerous weapon under the command of a skilful Commander, that's why we had to give more chances to direct counterparts of this ship from the opposing team.

The detectability range by air of torpedoes are reduced by half. This will let the "torpedo" destroyers to fulfil their roles more efficiently, especially in battles with aircraft carriers.