World of Warships - Low FPS Fix and How to Claim Your Compensation

Low FPS Fix and Compensation for Everyone

World of Warships ( has decided to compensate it's players with 3 days premium time, only if you logged in the game between updates, 0.7.2 and 0.7.3.
Reasons for the compensation is for low-lag during that period of updates.

world of warships 3 days premium time freeHow to Claim your Compensation:
Go to your servers World of Warships userbonus page: EU NA RU Asia

On that page, you will see "Collect your Bonus" and a Red Button with "Check" on it, **Click on the Red Button and claim your compensation of 3 days premium time.

**You have until the 7 May 2018, so I would only claim the reward when you have 3 days free to make the most of playing time in the game (usually on weekends).

Have fun and make the most of those 3 days.

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