April 03, 2018

World of Warships - IJN Cruiser Line Split Proposal

Tone class
It would be good if Wargaming made a Japanese cruiser split, I am not the developer here so I won't give hard stats, only suggestions. What do you think?


The second line could have an AA focus and could become a part small portion of Japanese ships that actually have decent and workable AA.

Second line
Tier 4 - Nagara or Sendai class

Sendai class

Nagara class
Functionally identical to our existing Kuma class, the differences are in appearances. Some vessels of these classes had late war AA refits which could be used to make them unique compared to Kuma, which included the addition of dual-purpose 5" mounts among the usual light AA that was added as the war progressed.

Tier 5 - Agano class
Commissioned after the start of the war, the Aganos used spare 6" guns from the Kongo and Fuso class
battleships. They weren't well protected but were fast at a speed of 35 knots and carried a powerful torpedo armament.

The Agano class received heavy AA refits as the war progressed and should be a good representative for a more AA focused line, and I believe that with Defensive AA she would make a great anti-aircraft cruiser for her tier bracket.

Tier 6 -  Ooyodo class
This is a weird one. Ooyodo is a single ship class that has two triple forward facing 155mm guns, the same mounted on our stock Mogami. In addition, she has a rather large float plane handling facility aft. Much like Agano (as they use a similar hull) she has very bad armour but good speed. She doesn't have much firepower, but that could be substituted for faster reloading. Her poor armour could be substituted with stealth, speed and long gun range.
As a bonus, her aircraft handling facilities could allow her to launch more floatplanes at a quicker rate.

Tier 7 - Tone class
Many of us know Tone was originally in the game but the developers couldn't figure out what to do with her, mostly due to how her floatplanes were handled. Like I said with Ooyodo, the simplest solution would be a buff to her actual stats, rather than trying to turn her into a carrier/cruiser hybrid. Just like the previous ship.
The Tone has all of her guns mounted forward, four twin 203mm guns. She's essentially a Mogami with one less 203mm turret and more aircraft.

Tier 8 - Takao class cruiser Maya
We already have two Takao classes in the game, I know, just hear me out. Maya is the third in her class,
what makes her rather unique was the removal of her third turret during one of her wartime refits, replacing it with more AA mounts. This would almost be the pinnacle of an IJN AA cruiser line, as she actually loses firepower for additional AA. Her AA would have to be really good to substitute the firepower and make her unique compared to The Atago.

Tier 9 - Ibuki class
Ibuki from the main line, I think, should be moved to our second line, primarily due to her AA. This ship
could really use a buff, while not bad, it's noticeable the weakest tier 9 cruiser in the game. Perhaps a ROF buff would be suitable, like maybe shaving off (3-4 seconds off her reload.

Tier 10 - B-65 class project ship
Design B-65 was a class of Super Type A cruisers [A1] planned by the IJN before and during World War II.As envisioned by the IJN, the cruisers were to play a key role in the Night Battle Force portion of the
"Decisive battle" strategy which Japan hoped, in the event of war, to employ against the United States
Begun in 1939, plans were far enough along that tests were conducted with the main armament and
against the underwater protection. Even though the ships were approved for construction under a 1942 fleet replenishment program, the prioritizing of aircraft carriers and smaller ships due to the war, followed by Japan's defeat, killed any chance of the B-65's construction.

B-65 is essentially a battlecruiser. She was designed to mount 3x3 310mm guns (similar to the upcoming
Stalingrad and Kronstadt), torpedoes and twin 100mm dual purpose mounts like those found on Akizuki
and Zao. A very strong AA suite already! In addition, she had a 210mm main armour belt and had a maximum speed of 33 knots.

I think B-65 would be a very suitable tier 10 (battle)cruiser.

Main Line

Tier 9 - Takao (Choukai)
Ibuki would be moved to the second line, while another ship would take her place, this ship would be a
Takao class. This cruiser could be named Choukai, the fourth in her class, to avoid confusion with ARP
Yes, at this point we've added all four Takao class cruisers, but from the start. I believed Takao
should've been at tier 9. To distinguish her from the tier 8 Atago, like Ibuki she could receive a similar ROF buff (shave off around 2-3 seconds on her reload). Choukai would get access to the tier 9 upgrade slot and in addition, she could receive a moderate AA buff, putting her almost on the same level as Ibuki.
Choukai would have a thicker armour belt, be ever so slightly faster, have better torpedo firing arcs, comparable AA and more range, while Ibuki has better turret firing arcs, AA and a slightly quicker ROF.

Source AyanoMidori - NA Forum