April 18, 2018

World of Warships - 3-3-2 Hakuryu Will Make Obsolete Both the Midway and 4-2-2 Hakuryu

Whilst the Midway nerf got a bit of a less extreme result, it seems now kind of okay.

However the new 3-3-2 Hakuryu will make obsolete both the Midway and 4-2-2 Hakuryu in a single patch, there is no better way to describe it.

The reason to pick 4-2-2 Hakuryu over 2-3-3 was not because of the powerful air control 4 squadrons it had, it was because 3 fighter squadrons was easy enough to get both air control and still retain a lot of strike power, 4 squadrons was over-powering, both for the enemy carrier and the allied carrier, when played by a skilled/experienced player, 4-2-2 could shut down any other loadout by sacrificing the immense alpha of 12 torpedoes.

At the same time, 4-2-2 was difficult to handle by a mediocre player because just stacking them up made them vulnerable to strafes, a player needed heavy multitasking skills to make them enjoy the feast of a 4-2-2 setup.

Seeing now that the setups are 3-3-2 and 4-2-2, it would make no logical sense to carry on with 4-2-2 when 3-3-2 is available, the +1 fighters in place of a torpedo bomber is an excelled trade-off, 3-3-2 your have the ability to deal tremendous alpha and great control of the map, to be fair 3-3-2 is capable of defeating a 2-2-2 Midway with TX fighters, showing the immense strength of its loadout.

Would the game be better with the 4-2-2 removed? the reason being, as it is now, it's not much of an option vs 3-3-2, and the Midway, to get back it's TX planes, the Hakuryu now with the new loadout, it is entirely capable of closing down the Midway, while still keeping tremendous air strength.

Source: Fumikane but slightly edited.