April 17, 2018

Update 7.4.0 Balance Changes Varyag Midway Hakuryu Z39 Stalingrad ST USN Cruisers

World of Warships

ST. Soviet cruiser Stalingrad, tier X.

  • Hit points decreased from 84000 to 72450.
  • Sigma value is increased from 2.05 to 2.25. 
  • Ricochet angles are now similar to those of heavy USN cruisers, and the dispersion ellipse is increased and is similar to that of battleships. 
  • Krupp factor is increased from 2400 to 2700 (penetration is increased). 
  • Reload time decreased from 20 seconds to 18.5 seconds. 
  • Main battery angles are changed in a way that the cruiser doesn't have to show her broadside to fire all the main guns anymore.
  • Surveillance Radar, similar to that of the Moskva cruiser is added to the Defensive AA Fire slot.

These changes increase the combat effectiveness of Stalingrad against battleships in exchange for some hit points, which decrease her average lifetime somewhat.

In combat, the lifeboats are not displayed to allow for additional turret movement, yet they are still displayed in port.

ST. American Cruisers.

Columbia (Cleveland), tier VIII.

  • Base firing range of the main battery is increased from 13.3 to 14.2 km and its reload time is decreased from 7 to 6.5 seconds.

Buffalo, tier IX.

  • Base surface detectability is increased from 13.14 to 13.62 km. 
  • Penalty after firing from a smokescreen with main battery is increased from 7.6 to 7.98 km.

Pittsburgh (Baltimore), tier VIII.

  • Hull plating thickness is increased from 25 to 27 mm. This will help the ship withstand most of the 155-mm HE shells and cause 380 mm AP shells to ricochet when the cruiser is angled correctly. 
  • Main battery reload time is decreased from 13 to 10 seconds.

Salt Lake City (Pensacola), tier VI.

  • Guns are replaced - 203mm/55 Mk14 instead of 203mm/50 Mk14. The guns are now historically correct.
  • Shell stats for the new weaponry.
  • HE: muzzle velocity - 823 m/s (up from 792 m/s). 
  • AP: muzzle velocity - 853 m/s (up from 792 m/s), maximum damage - 4600 (up from 4500). 
  • Other stats remain unchanged.

The American cruisers received a range of improvements as a result of testing and are now much better balanced against other ships of the class.

ST. Russian cruiser Varyag, tier III, American aircraft carrier Midway, tier X, Japanese aircraft carrier Hakuryu, tier X, German destroyer Z-39, tier VII.


  • Main battery reload is improved to 8 seconds, down from 9.


  • The total number of planes is decreased from 136 to 116 (instead of initially planned 96).


  • The Type 10 mod.2 flight control now contains 3 fighter squadrons, 3 torpedo bomber squadrons and 2 dive bomber squadrons, opposed to the previous 2-3-3 distribution.
  • The carrier changes make these ships better balanced against each other, no matter the battle length.


  • The rear turret rotation angles from the central position are increased to 143 deg. fro 129 deg. This makes the destroyer's guns easier to use and increases the DPM while at steep angles.