April 29, 2018

World of Warships - Turn £26.92 into 18050 Doubloons and Extra Goodies Worth £76.39 NOW


Go to your Premium Shop and BUY all the ships @ £7.69 each and The Ishizuchi at £3.85, and watch your in-game Doubloons rise up to 18050, you also get all those extras that come with each purchase

Anshan cost £7.69 (Already own it? You will get 5200 Doubloons instead)
Purchase includes 1500 Doubloons
Port Slot worth 300 Doubloons
Doubloon Value £18.51

Texas cost £7.69 (Already own it? You will get 5150 Doubloons instead)
STARS AND STRIPES Camo worth 1000 Doubloons
Port Slot worth 300 Doubloons
Doubloons Value £21.05

Ishizuchi cost £3.85 (Already own it? You will get 2500 Doubloons instead)
Port Slot worth 300 Doubloons
25 × 'STORM WIND' CAMOUFLAGE worth £5.00
Doubloons + Extras Value £18.07

Admiral Graff Spee cost £7.69 (Already own it? You will get 5200 Doubloons)
Purchase includes 500 Doubloons
Port Slot worth 300 Doubloons
Doubloons + Extras Value £18.22

Total Doubloons gained if you already own all the above ships in-game

Cost £26.92
18050 In-Game Doubloons + Extras Gained Value £75.39

The Doubloon cost of every WOWS Premium ships from our Pages.
Texas -  Doubloon Cost = 5150
Ishizuchi -  Doubloon Cost = 2500
Anshan -  Doubloon Cost = 3700
Admiral Graf Spee -  Doubloon Cost = 4700

World of Warships - Stalingrad Balance Tweaks - Nerfs Galore


ST. Balance tweaks.

Tier X Soviet cruiser Stalingrad

  • AP fuse delay increased from 0.22 seconds to 0.33
  • Damage Control Party changes:
  • Number of charges is now unlimited
  • Active time is decreased from 15 seconds to 5
  • Reload time is now 90 seconds (instead of 30) for Damage Control Party I and 60 seconds (instead of 20) for Damage Control Party II.

Repair Party changes:

  • Number of charges is decreased from 3 to 2 for Repair Party I and from 4 to 3 for Repair Party II.

Stalingrad showed both too much effectiveness and survivability.

The stats were corrected to make the ship play closer to a cruiser and balance her better against her immediate rivals.

Tier IX American Cruiser Seattle

  • Main battery reload time is decreased from 7 to 6.5 seconds

This puts the cruiser in line with the predecessor in the tech tree - Cleveland, while increasing her damage per minute accordingly.

April 28, 2018

TX Worcester Gameplay First Impressions by Flamu - Video

TX Worcester Gameplay First Impressions by Flamu - Video


Health Pool45,400 HP
Armour25 mm
Armoured belt127 mm
Protection against Torpedoes19%
Main Battery6 × 2 152 mm
Maximum Range14.7 km
HE Damage2.200
Chance of Fire12%
AP Damage3,200
Reload4.6 s
180 Degrees7.2 s
Maximum Dispersion134 m
HE Velocity812 m / s
AP Velocity762 m / s
Maximal speed33 kt
Radius Rotation740 m
Rudder Speed10.7 s
Detectability12.4 km
Air Detectability9.1 km
Smoke Detectability6.0 km

AA Defence

Guns12 × 20 mm
Range2.0 km
Guns2 × 1 76.2mm
Range5.0 km
Guns11 × 2 76.2 mm
Range5.0 km
Guns6 × 2 152 mm
Range6.0 km
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers, but with best available modules.
The stats are subject to change during the testing.

VIII Asashio - Demon BB Destroyer - Stats.

asashio image

  • Hit points – 15100.
  • Armour - 6~20 mm.
Main Battery:
  • Main battery - 3x2 127 mm.
  • Firing range – 10.95 km.
  • Maximum HE shell damage – 2150.
  • HE Chance of Fire - 9%
  • Maximum AP shell damage - 2200.
  • Reload time - 7.05 s.
  • 180 degree turn time - 26.09 s.
  • Maximum dispersion - 97 m.
  • HE initial velocity - 915 m/s.
  • AP initial velocity - 915m/s.
  • Sigma value – 2.0.
Anti-Aircraft Defence:
  • 2 x 2 25 mm, Range
  • Range - 3.09 km.
  • Damage per second - 10.
Torpedoes: (BB's and CV's Only)
  • 2 x 4 610 mm QR Mk Damage
  • Damage - 20,967 hp
  • Reload - 112.0 s
  • Speed - 67.0 kt
  • Distance - 20.0 km
  • Visibility - 0.9 km
  • 180 degree turn time - 7.2 s.
  • Type - Deep Water
  • Maximum speed - 35 kt.
  • Turning circle radius - 640 m.
  • Rudder shift time – 4.7 s.
  • Surface detectability – 6.84 km.
  • Air detectability – 3.8 km.
  • Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2.5 km.
Available Consumables: 
  • Slot 1: Damage Control Party
  • Slot 2: Smoke Generator
  • Slot 3: Engine Boost
  • Slot 4: Torpedo Reload Booster

WGB Facebook Group

April 27, 2018

Season 9 Rank Battles Starts Today - Ideal Ships and Builds

Ranked Battles Logo
Season 9 of Ranked Battles
Ranked Battles Start Today!

SEASON 9 STARTS: Fri. Apr. 27 07:00 CET (UTC+1)
SEASON 9 ENDS: Mon. Jun. 04 07:00 CET (UTC+1)

Today, 27 April, players can start their triumphant progress up the Ranks ladder. This time, they will plunge into the combat playing Tier VIII and X ships on their way to the League of Sea Wolves. The proud holders of Rank 1 will be able to continue their fight with worthy fellow commanders with Tier VII battles.

Ideal Ships and Builds by Top CC Mejash.

This has been requested and hope this video helps you guys with making some solid builds for this upcoming season of ranked battles!
Where in the Video (Minutes) to find the link below

  • Basic DD build: 2:00
  • Khaba Build: 6:00
  • Basic Cruiser: 7:50
  • Survivabilty Cruiser: 9:15
  • Basic BB: 11:45
  • Sec BB: 13:45
  • Zombie BB: 14:50
  • AA builds: 17:00

Best Ships for Season 9 Ranked Battles By Mejash.

Source Mejash on

Show your mastery in pursuit of Rank 1!
  • Season duration is 38 days.
  • Participation in Ranked Battles requires Service Record Level 14.
  • There is a total of 23 ranks. For the sake of simplicity, the ranks were combined into the Third League, the Second League, the First League, the Premier League, and the League of Sea Wolves.
  • Two teams of 7 players each fight against each other. By winning battles, players earn stars needed to climb up the ranking ladder. In the majority of ranks, a defeat means a lost star.
  • Novice players will start the season from Rank 23. Those who participated in the previous season of Ranked Battles will get bonus stars: one for each of their ranks reached.
  • Ranks 23 to 17 as well as Ranks 15, 10 (instead of Rank 12 in the previous season) and 1 will be irrevocable. At Ranks 23-20, players do not lose a star for a defeat. Be the first on your team by XP earned and keep your hard-earned star, even for a lost game.
  • At Ranks 23-11, a bonus star is given when you progress to the next rank.
  • At Ranks 23-11, battles will involve Tier VIII ships only. At Ranks 10-2, battles will require ships of Tier X. Commanders who achieved Rank 1 can, of course, continue playing with each other with ships of Tier VII.
  • Team line-ups are mirrored in terms of ship types and tiers.

Map Pool
Tier VIII Battles:
  • Neighbors, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Northern Lights, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Hotspot, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Sea of Fortune, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Mountain Range, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)

Tier X Battles:
  • Warrior’s Path, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • North¸ Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Hotspot, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Sleeping Giant, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Tears of the Desert, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Mountain Range, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)

Tier VII Battles in the League of Sea Wolves:
  • Shatter, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)
  • Sea of Fortune, Domination mode, three key areas (+2 points each 3 seconds)

April 26, 2018

Weekend Missions 27-April-2018 - Japanese Flavour Missions +200% Bonus XP


Japanese Flavour Missions
Starts 27 April, 06:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends 30 April, 06:00 CEST (UTC+2)

+200% First-Win XP Bonus

Sea Monsters

Deal 200,000 main gun damage and 50,000 ship torpedo damage to enemy ships over any number of battles
Repeatable once daily
Battle Restriction: Random  only

6x "India Yankee" flags 
6x "Juliet Charlie" flags 


Nice Combo

Earn 250 ribbons and land 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of battles
Repeatable once daily
Battle Restriction: Random  only

6x "Juliet  Whiskey Unaone" flags 
6x "Sierra Mike" flags 

April 24, 2018

World of Warships - What The Carrier Rework Might Look Like - Video


As we know from the newest Waterline 1.1 video, the CV rework is trending towards direct control of aircraft for a more engaging, action-oriented gameplay. While we have not been shown actual game footage, I did find two interesting "what if" videos that I think somewhat illustrate what we might be getting.

Farazelleth playing an entire CV game in third person (Z):

Battlestations Midway let you control your CVs from an RTS map view while letting you take direct control of your CV planes if desired:

Source SkoorvielMD on Reddit

April 23, 2018

Sound improvements and Optimisation - Cosmic Camos for Nikolai and TX Ships

ST. Sound improvements and optimization
For the High and Ultra audio presets extra sounds are added for the most ports. Among the new sounds are horns of background ships and ground vehicles' movement.

The Low sound preset was significantly optimized. It no longer includes engine sounds, and ambient sounds are simplified. This gives the biggest performance boost on 32-bit operating systems with limited RAM.

Unique cosmic camos for tier X ships as well as "Rasputin" camo for the Imperator Nikolai I battleship receive their own sound effects.

ST. Smokescreen.
Smoke screens will now be always rendered at all distances, independent of the particular ship's vision radius.

World of Warships - Duca Degli Abruzzi - Close Quarters - Ideal Build by Flamu


Close Quarters: Duca Degli Abruzzi.
Close Quarters is a brand-new series in which we go beyond the stats and strategies of our favourite vessels in World of Warships. Join us as we take an in-depth route to familiarise ourselves with the rich stories of these real-life war machines to better understand their historical significance.

In the previous instalment of the series, we recounted the events during the Russo-Japanese War that lead the Russian Cruiser Varyag to acquire a legendary status in the eyes of many.

In this episode, we will be featuring an Italian ship which will shortly be dropping anchor in a port near you:
  VII Duca Degli Abruzzi.

Duca Degli Abruzzi.
In the time immediately prior to the Second World War, Italy had a considerable war fleet, the bulk of which was made up of cruisers, with 19 of them in active service at the time. The Duca Degli Abruzzi being one of them, could be considered the big sister to the Duca d’Aosta: both are agile, light cruisers and have a very similar appearance, although the Duca Degli Abruzzi has an overall larger size and significantly more powerful armament than her little sister.

Duca Degli Abruzzi

Best Skills, Modules and Consumables as prefered by Flamu

Gameplay Tips:

  • Abruzzi's main armaments faithfully reflect her real-life counterpart in terms of both good range and the destructiveness coming from the ten 152 mm guns, which are mounted on three-gun and two-gun turrets.
  • This range should be taken advantage as often as possible due to her armour not being the most resistant in close-up brawl situations.
  • With six tubes, your torpedo armament presents a powerful alternative to your artillery, especially bearing in mind the excellent firing arcs. At 12 km, she has the longest torpedo range of any cruiser of her tier.
  • Consumables play an important role for Abruzzi captains, allowing you to excel in a support role with Defensive Fire and Hydroacoustic Search, while access to a Spotter Aircraft and Repair Party can help you specialise in long-range duelling.
Source WOWS EU

World of Warships - Super Akizuki Possible TX Harugumo Image and Video

Super Akizuki Possible TX Harugumo

Fascinating post from TL_Warlord_Roff on the WOWS NA Forum:
For those of us that utterly love driving about in the current tier 8 Akizuki,  (and can manage to do so without constantly being the first DD dead.. occupational hazard in that ship)  these ships are going to be utter monsters.  the tier 9 a slightly improved faster more nimble Aki with one more torp in the spread, and a 6th upgrade slot and the tier X with all of the above and a touch more with 2 more guns.
Lets just say I' happy to hear the Devs (by word of the CC conference in St. P this last week) is focused on remaking  CV's gameplay, you all might be really happy to NOT see the IJN 100mm Goats (4 if you count HSF Harukaze) not running forward to grab cap but sticking back and being real escort ships.
The tier 9 and 10 both look to be dropping most if not all of those nearly useless 25mm mounts for 40mm Oerlikon knockoffs which will give them useful mid-range AA.   As AA escorts they're going to be a handful for CV strike groups.
These ships will cause some significant change to the DD metagame at high tier, but I also predict that
"please, the only experience DD drivers need apply"
  The Aki is a skilled players ship.  The novice can get lucky now and again and have an absolute knee-slapper of a game but most of the time, it's work.  Takes to long to get into position to do the traditional DD role in the game with Aki so you don't really have any choice but to think outside of the box the ship simply does not fit in.  The greater capabilities of the  IX and X ships will give you more options but you might want to be a tad careful about applying those options.  Like the Aki, they're going to be BIG targets as DD's go, and likely as will NOT be noted for being especially stealthy...
When you are at the top of the food chain it's the prey that needs to not be seen!  It's just would not even be remotely fair to have these ships run with typical IJN concealment values.
And me.. I know what I can do with an Aki now.   There is no other DD's out there I have any particular fear of in the Aki.  Even Khab I find most annoying in that they are just screamingly fast..  Shooting at Khabs reminds me of Sandpeople potting pod racers on Tatooine..  ie: not easy!  (always wondered about that, probably too hardcore for NASCAR on road courses but it certainly would make the racing more interesting..only in the movies and in gaming!)
  These will be Aki's on 'roids, and there will be a rage.  It'll be fun!

An image released on April 11th, 2018 of the 2 ships, Kitakaze and Harugumo
Kitakaze and Harugumo
An interesting YT video from Panzerknacker

April 22, 2018

World of Warships - Detection Ribbons Video

World of Warships - Detection Ribbons Video

ST. Battle UI.

"Detected" ribbons are added to the game. It will be awarded for the first detection of a ship as well as repeated detection of ships that were concealed for no less than 90 seconds.

The minimap icon of the ship that is currently being focused on will now also show the ship's movement direction.

Localization is underway.


World of Warships Latest From Developers for Supertesters

Freedom Camo

ST. New camos.

"Freedom" camo is added for the tier VIII American cruiser Cleveland.

  • -10% to ship's post-battle service cost
  • +50% to XP earned in the battle
  • -3% to detectability range by sea
  • +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship

"Stars n'Stripes" consumable camo is added to the game.

  • +75% to Commander XP earned in the battle
  • +125% to XP earned in the battle
  • +100% to Free XP earned in the battle
  • -3% to detectability range by sea
  • +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship


ST. New patches.

2 new commemorative patches are added to the game: "Old Cleveland" and Admiral Halsey patch.

Localization is underway.

ST. New patches.

32 football-themed patches are added to the game.

Localization is underway.

New Collection

ST. New collection.

"American cruisers" collection is added to the game. It comprises 48 elements, among which there are stylized images of cruisers, historically significant American naval weaponry, US naval decorations and distinctive signs of US navy staff. Completing the subcollections will allow players to change the colour of standard camos for American ships and mount second flags on them.

Localization is underway.

New USN Special Commander William Halsey Jr - Flamu on Montana Possible 18.2sec Reload

ST. New commander.

William Halsey is added to the game as a unique commander. He has both talents and improved skills.

Expert Loader Skill
  • -75% (up from -50%) to reload time when shell type is switched

Expert Marksman Skill
  • +3 (up from +2.5) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre up to 139 mm
  • +1 (up from +0.7) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre above 139 mm

Hit Hard! Talent:
After receiving the Confederate achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets following bonuses:
  • -20% off the main battery reload time
  • -20% off plane service time
  • -10% off torpedo reload time

Hit Fast! Talent:
  • After receiving the Double Strike achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets -10% to base detection radius, which can accumulate if a player receives the achievement multiple times during a battle.
captain skills image
William Halsey Unique Skills

The ship that William Halsey is assigned to will have a unique pennant and coloured tracers for the main battery shells. Upon receiving achievements that activate the talents, fireworks will be launched from the ship.

Localization is underway.

Some quick maffs.
Montana can easily get under 19s reload, even 18s with AR + MBM3 + Halsey Confed buff. Just dropping to 25% health and earning confed is enough to push reload to 18.2s. That is some flamuWUT shit.

April 21, 2018

World of Warships - New Permanent Campaign Hit Hard! - Hit Fast! - Hit Often!

ST. New campaign.

A new permanent campaign "Hit hard! Hit Fast! Hit often!" is added to the game. The campaign tells about the military career of Admiral William Halsey Jr.

Localization is underway.

Yamamoto Isoroku Receives Improved Commander Special Skills

ST. Yamamoto Isoroku commander.
Yamamoto Isoroku receives improved skills.
Expert Marksman

  • +3 (up from +2.5) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre up to 139 mm
  • +1 (up from +0.7) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a calibre above 139 mm
  • Preventive Maintenance -45% (up from -30%) to the risk of incapacitation of modules
Localization is underway.

World of Warships × Azure Lane Special Collaboration Talk Event Live Stream

World of Warships × Azure Lane Special Talk Event " will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018, at 2PM JST - 6AM GMT and we will announce the detailed contents of collaboration you care about! 
The event will be delivered live on Twitch Wargaming Japan  Below and Nico Nico Live broadcast for those who can not come to the venue. 

Mikako Izawa, a voice actor who is familiar with the event of the World of Warships and official live program, acts as an MC, and Yuri Ishikawa, a voice actor who is appearing in Azur Lane as special guest, role) and, Saya's Horigome (Cleveland, Erebus officers)

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Hosted Wargaming Japan / Cooperation Yostar


Yui Ishikawa (voice / Enterprise Auditor) 
Horigome Saya (voice / Cleveland Erebus officers Twitter ) 
Izawa Mikako (voice actor / MC Twitter ) 
Sho Hatai (World of Warships ASIA Publishing Producer)