March 15, 2018

World of Warships - Super-Tester, American Cruiser Columbia, T8 (ex-Cleveland) New Stats

World of Warships Super-Tester, uss Columbia, T8 (ex uss Cleveland) New Stats

Super-Tester, American cruiser Columbia, tier VIII (ex-Cleveland.

The base 152 mm/47 Mk16 main battery module is no longer available.
Only the re-searchable 152 mm/47 Mk 16 weaponry is available,
Turret rotation time is increased from 5.5 deg/s to 10 deg/s,
Reload time is decreased from 8 to 7 seconds.
Ship's detect-ability is decreased fro 13.4 km to 11.88 km.
Hydro acoustic Search and AA Defensive fire consumables are now in different slots.
Surveillance Radar Data is added as an alternative to the Hydro acoustic Search slot.
Catapult Fighter is replaced by Spotting Aircraft.
HP pool and consumables' stats are now relevant for the tier.
Hull "A" received stats of hull "B" of Cleveland. New hull "B" is added with relevant improvements.

AA weaponry composition on the new "B" hull:

  • 20-mm Oerlikon Mk20, 9х2, average damage per second - 140, range - 2.0 km;
  • 40-mm Bofors Mk1, 6х2, average damage per second - 68, range - 3.5 km;
  • 40-mm Bofors Mk2, 4х4, average damage per second - 64, range - 3.5 km;
  • 127-mm/38 Mk32, 6х2, average damage per second - 91, range - 5.0 km.

Plating thickness is improved in accordance with the new tier and is now 25 mm instead of 16 mm. 

The numbers are preliminary and are subject to change during the testing phase, and AA weaponry composition is the most likely candidate for change.

The new name is a placeholder until the ship is released to avoid confusion with the existing one. Original name will be returned upon release.