March 15, 2018

World of Warships - Play Like a Pro

advice from unicom players of world of warships

Hello, fellow Captains! 
There is a huge difference between Clan Battles and the other types of naval combat available in the game. It’s not your personal prowess and skills that take centre stage. Rather, it’s all about elaborate tactics, well coordinated actions, and fearless teamwork. To help you get the most out of Clan Battles, we turn to the top clans in World of Warships that ended the previous season with a big bang, rightfully taking their place in Group 1 of the strongest—Typhoon–League.

Communication and Fleet Command 
With the Clan Battles mode selected, seven fellow Commanders ready for fierce combat, and everyone eager to test their strength against enemy ships, it is the right time to think about who will have the final say in your fleet. Under the most efficient scenario, you need voice communication and one of your teammates acting as the fleet commander. They will guide your team into battle and determine the ship lineup. Of course, this does not mean that the other members of the team have to keep silent. Rather, share your ideas: relay info about your targets, torpedo tube cool-downs, the direction your Surveillance Radar is pointing, etc. It’s important to keep communication clear and useful, to avoid unnecessary noise where no-one hears anyone. Listen to your teammates carefully and avoid interrupting each other—or using foul language in battle.

Use a few radar-carrying CAs, a few CAs for kiting, Monty or Conq for BB, and Gearing and Z-52 for DDs. That's generally the best lineup because it gives you all the necessary options.

  • Gearing for torps, detection, agility; 
  • Z-52 for hydro; 
  • Moskva for long-range radar; 
  • Zao/Hindenburg for kiting or pushing; 
  • Montaba because of guns and spotting aircraft; 
  • Conqeror for heals and HE spam.

Battleships: Montana > Yamato
Montana is the best BB to take because of one reason, It can easily one-shot any Tier X cruiser and deal consistent damage even if the CA player makes no mistakes. It has also been buffed recently with lower citadels meaning it'll do fairly well against Yamato.
Yamato comes next because of its accuracy and power of AP shells. Landing 7 shells on a bow-on Des Moines? Check. 3 citadels on a Moskva 17 km away broadside? Check. If you have a good BB player, Yamato might be the ship for you.

Main Fleet CAs: Moskva > Des Moines.
Moskva is tanky, accurate, with very powerful AP shells, multi-role, and Radar! The perfect main-fleet CA, all you have to do is bow on and tank/push. With flanks secured and well positioned, the enemy will have lots of trouble bringing you down. The downside of this ship is that it has some trouble fighting one on one against almost all other Tier X cruisers because of its lack of DPS and horrible concealment.
Des Moines is a hard ship to play. It does have ups and downs besides the skill cap though. The highest HE DPS among all Tier X cruisers is a good reason to take this ship. In a good position, you can demolish the enemy team. It has nice concealment compared to Moskva, almost double the DPS of Moskva, with half the survivability. Can't really use Des Moines on a flank though, you'll get fragged very often.
Flanking CAs: Henri IV
There's one thing that makes this ship stand out—speed. Easily hitting 40 knots, two Henri IV ships can be devastating to the enemy team because of how fast they can flank and outposition the enemy.

DD: Z-52, Gearing, and Shimakaze
Z-52 is the most versatile DD in CB since smoke is mostly useless after the nerf (Henri IV’s firing detection range is 12.x km). It has fast torpedo reload, perfect for forcing enemy stationary ships to reposition or get punished repeatedly.
Hydroacoustic Search is quite useful for occasional encounters with enemy DDs in open waters.
Gearing is a safe pick, but also a passive/mediocre pick. You've got smoke, but can't really use that smoke most of the time. You've got 10 torps with long range, but the reload is long. You can duel a Shimakaze, but not a Z-52. It's not particularly strong in both torpedo wall and gun fights, so if you are thinking about a more universal lineup, Gearing isn't a bad pick.
Shimakaze does the same thing as Gearing. Scout and torp. It's just Shimakaze focuses more on torpedo walls rather than gun fights. If you are running into a lot of 5 CA lineups, Shimakaze might be better than Gearing. Otherwise, it's 50/50.

Montana, Kurf├╝rst, and Conqueror are good if you can play them. All 3 ships provide sufficient pressure to cruisers and can hit DDs.
Z-52, Shima, and Gearing for DDs, since they have good concealment and have a specialty, which is very handy.

  • Z-52: Hydroacoustic Search; 
  • Gearing: RoF and smoke screens; 
  • Shimakaze: Torps and speed.

Zao, Hindenburg, Des Moines, and Moskva seem to be the go to cruisers. Hindenburg is a good hybrid ship combining damage dealing and tankiness. Des Moines and Moskva excel in their Surveillance Radars.”
Tips by Ship Types  As we said earlier, tactics come first in Clan Battles. However, skilful individual actions often bring victory at the culmination point of a battle, when very few ships are left alive. For advice on how to make the most of every type of ship in Clan Battles, we refer to experienced players that consistently demonstrate excellent results with ships of each type (win rate: 65% or more).

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