March 27, 2018

World of Warships - The Perfect Build for the T8 Gascogne and T8 Richelieu

Hypothesis: Going with a full IFHE/ManSec/AFT/BFT build on a Gascogne may unlock the full potential of the ship, given that it has 6x 152mm HE firing secondaries bolted on the front end of it.

Background: Was frustrated with the Richelieu only having 8x inaccurate barrels at tier 8, secondaries with range but not much punch. Almost sold it, then tried this non-conforming captain build on her and fell in love. The resulting increase in firepower and sustained fire on DD's / Cruisers supplemented the main battery enough to make it very potent (and fun!) Main downside on the Richelieu secondaries, have to open up your bow angle quite far to be able to use 2 of the rear 152mm turrets. But hey, Gascogne has them bolted on the front, problem solved!

Results (20maps):
  • 70% WR
  • 78,835 Avg Dam per match (vs 90,581 in Richelieu)
  • 285 secondary shots fired / map for 69 hits (25.03% accuracy - 26.05% for Richelieu)
  • 20,199 average in total damage for secondaries (13,323 main / 6,875 fires at 2.5 fires per match)
  • 29.03% of total damage is secondary-related
  • 4 total Close Quarters Expert medals/kills since tracking (14 in Richelieu over 54 maps)
  • Average map tier is 9.07

Notes/Highlights/Lowlights: The best game so far was 174k in damage, about 80k in secondaries/fires (not tracked - one of my earliest games). One CQE medal came from a Benson that yolo'd around an island corner and took 12 hits to the face for 5k. CQE on Iowa at 10km after hitting him for a double citadel. Match w/ 11k sec dam to an Atago. The lowest point, Teams with potatoes TK torping from behind BBs, only 49k in damage that map (but from that same map, 17 secondary hits on Fletcher for 8511 in damage as I was pressing the cap - we won). Only one map with zero fires and just 8.9k a sec damage sacrificed me to take out a capping DD, to win the match.

Conclusion / Recommendation: This section remains more or less the same, I'm still having a lot of fun with this build and if you're looking for something out of the box that is a lot of fun and effective, I absolutely recommend this build. Yes, I know, it doesn't have the typical survivability-related perks/skills, and it really takes at least 18pts to pull it off... but, for me at least, it took the Richelieu from borderline unplayable to one of my favorite ships and has the Gascogne up there as being a very fun and different ship to play. It's almost like having a cruiser duct taped to the front end of the boat, constantly spamming 152mm IFHE rounds out to 10.6km.

Full skills are:
  • PT
  • PM
  • EM
  • BFT
  • AFT
  • IFHE
  • ManSec
  • (and of course secondary module)
Math for IFHE:
Actually most benefit from IFHE here is for the 100mm secondaries, not 152mm.

We have 8x2 100mm that do no direct damage without IFHE - 100mm pen is 1/6 = 16,66mm, which isn't enough for anything, only fires opponents and that's it. With IFHE +30% that turns into 21,66mm, which is already something meaningful.

152mm / 6 = 25,33mm is already enough. With IFHE it will be already 32,93mm so this will be good against 27mm CL/CA and BB's.

So a combination of IFHE+100mm+152mm makes this thing work for all classes.

Source: _TURO_ on Reddit