March 24, 2018

World of Warships - Mods Policy Changes - March 2018

What is allowed
  • Applications that allow streaming or recording of gameplay (for example: Nvidia ShadowPlay,, AMD Radeon ReLive, OBS Studio, Windows 10 Game DVR, Fraps).
  • Text / voice communication with overlay (for example: Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Evolve, Twitch Messenger).
  • Visual modifications that change the appearance of objects in the game, without affecting the gameplay. (To make sure that a given mod is allowed, read the information in the appropriate section on our official forum).
  • Modifications of lighting, contrast and other visual elements through the settings of the built-in graphics driver tools (Geforce Experience, AMD Radeon Crimson, Intel graphic drivers), without modifying the drivers themselves and using their programs.
  • Replacing / modifying sound files.
  • All fashions approved by our team. You can find a list of these mods in the "modifications" section of our official forum: .
  • It covers all mods compiled by our modding software (a special API interface created by our developers for modding). Modifications mentioned by our employees on the official portal of the game are also allowed. 
What is forbidden and may lead to suspension / blocking of the account
  • Any program, modification or script that allows the use of non-game code, DLL shared libraries, change of the original game files or game operation. If you are not sure whether a given modification agrees with all the rules, read the "modifications" section of our official forum or simply do not use it.
  • Programs and modifications that help players aim at a way that is not available in the game, including modifications with the advance shot indicator.
  • Bots or scripts that perform any player actions in the game.
  • Programs and modifications that show information that is normally unavailable, except those listed and approved on our official forum or portal.
  • Programs and modifications that affect the file in any way or interact with it.
We understand that some of you like modifications contrary to these principles, but fair play policy is and always will be a priority for us. Competition in World of Warships should be based on skills and knowledge about the game, not on the installation of appropriate modifications.

Gray zones
As there are currently so many modifications to our game, unfortunately we can not guarantee that it works well after installing them. In addition, some modifications that are seemingly innocent, such as ReShade, although focused on visual aspects, work in a way that violates several of our principles (replacing shared libraries and taking control of the rendering process, which allows you to put in the code of aimbots or keyloggers ). Therefore, this modification is similar to those forbidden and in some cases allows players to take unfair advantage in the game or steal data.
Taking all this into account, we recommend that you follow these rules if you want to modify the game, and only use approved modifications that have been checked by our team. If you are not sure about the modification, just do not use it. Any problems with the game, loss of account or personal data by the operation of the modification is the responsibility of the player. If, by using the modification, the player has violated the terms of the End User License Agreement or the Terms of Service , we reserve the right to suspend or block his account.

Additional rules for visual modification
  1. Modifications placed on the official World of Warships forum can not contain swastika or other Nazi symbols and insignia (although such symbols should not appear in the navy context anyway).
    1. Graphics containing swastika can not be published on the forum.
  2. Modifications submitted on the World of Warships official forum may contain other flags, including the flag of the Rising Sun, the flag of the Navy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the flag of the German Imperial Navy.
    1. Previews of these modifications and flags are generally allowed.
  3. Modifications reported on the World of Warships official forum may not contain pornographic content. Pornographic content is generally banned in all of our resources.
  4. Modifications reported on the World of Warships official forum can not portray nudity until the game has current age restrictions. Nudity is not allowed on our forum.
  5. Modifications reported on the World of Warships official forum may contain indecent or slightly erotic content (without nudity).
    1. Previews of these modifications are generally allowed.
  6. Modifications reported on the World of Warships official forum may not contain any context that encourages illegal or conflicting End User License Agreement, Terms of Service or game rules. (Unobvious cases should be reported for verification).