March 31, 2018

Mission Marathon - Win a Permanent Normandie Camo

World of warships Normandie Camouflage missions
Mission Marathon  - Win a Permanent Normandie Camo

Normandie Mission Marathon.
Play 1 battle of any type in a French Battleship to unlock the Normandie Mission Marathon. Participants of the contest will be able to start on the missions from April 01 at 02:00 CEST (UTC+2). For everyone else see the dates and times below.

STARTS: Fri. Apr. 06, 7:00am CET (UTC+1)
ENDS: Fri. Apr. 20, 7:00am CET (UTC+1)

Game Types.
Unless stated otherwise, all missions below are for ships Tier V or higher in:
  • Random (PVP).
  • Co-op (PVE).
  • Scenarios.
  • Ranked battles.
Battleships for "Normandie"
Win, survive, and deal 40,000 damage in a single battle
Can be completed once per day
Reward 1x Repair Party II

Cruisers for "Normandie"
Accumulate 300 ribbons
Can be completed once per day
Reward 1x Defensive AA Fire II

Destroyers for "Normandie"
Get 5 torpedo hits
Can be completed once per day
Reward 1x Smoke Generator II

Colours of "Normandie"
Finale Complete the previous missions in the marathon a total of 14 times.
You can mix and match any of the missions to make a total of 14.
Once per account

Final Reward 1x VI Normandie Permanent Camouflage:
  • (-3% to surface detectability range, 
  • +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, 
  • -10% of the cost of ship's post-battle service, 
  • +50% experience earned in the battle.)